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Is There Too much Pressure on Girls to Have "Perfect Bodies

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Lindsay Ray

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Is There Too much Pressure on Girls to Have "Perfect Bodies

Is there Too Much Pressure on Girls to have Perfect Bodies?
Societies Impact
Body Image: emotional attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of your own body
We are told to be ourselves and confident with our bodies
Still expected to look perfect
Influenced by those around us and culture
Medias Impact
Women and girls see television, computer ads, and magazines promoting flawless thin people
Airbrush and Photoshop technology
Comparing themselves to these models (wanting to be as skinny and as pretty as them)
Point out their flaws
Setting unnatural and unrealistic body image targets

The average model weight 23% less than the average woman
According to Teen Magazine, 27% of young girls alone feel media pressures them.
According to a College study, 69% of girls feel that magazine models influence their perspective of a perfect body shape
Girls all over and changing their bodies
The world makes them feel imperfect
society is pressuring, stating they aren't good enough
In reality they are good enough no matter the shape, size, or overall look
What is "Perfect"?
Definition: being entirely without defect: flawless
Is anyone "perfect"? Is anyone really "flawless"?
"Too skinny" "Too fat" "Too tall" "Too short"
The Barbie Doll
Exposed a highly unrealistic body image for girls
The doll is stated to be 5'9" and 110 pounds
35 pounds under the healthy weight
Not humanly possible
Less self esteem, worse body image and a desire to be thin because of these dolls
Real life "barbie"
Fits the Criteria for anorexic
Altered her body to be "Barbie"
Wants to eventually live off air and sunlight
Valeria luyanova
Causes from the impacts
20% of girls aged from 10-19 are experiencing episodes of major depression
In 2005, one tenth of teenage girls tried to end their life
10% of women and girls suffer from eating disorders
Girls aggression and violence is on the rise
one-fourth of all teenage girls are sffering from these things

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