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christa bieber

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Petroleum

Petroleum Refining Basics
Petroleum is a complex mixture of natural liquids that are found in the ground.
Where is Petroleum found?
How do you separate it?
Petroleum is separated by a, "fractional distillation." A fractional distillation is heating a substance to different temperatures so that the different compounds will boil off, the reason that is is because they have different boiling temperatures
Petroleum in Canada
What is Petroleum made from?
Petroleum, known as "crude oil, rock oil, oil from the earth" is a liquid fuel that is present in various locations throughout the world. Petroleum oil is remains of animals and plants, that lived millions of years ago in the water, before the dinosaurs.
What is it separated into?
Petroleum is separated into 7 different parts...
-Uncondensed fuel (gas)
-Petroleum ether (solvent)
-Naphtha (fuel and solvent)
-Kerosene (motor fuel)
-Diesel oil (fuel for diesel engines)
-Residue (road tar)
-Heavy oil (lubricating oil)
What is Petroleum?
Petroleum is found in underground reservoirs that can hold massive amounts of oil and gas in it's pore spaces. Some reservoirs can be hundreds of feet below the earth's surface while some can thousands of feet underground. The reservoirs are in the earth's crust.
By: Christa, Aala, Molly, and Logan
Canada is the sixth largest crude oil producer in the world. Here is a map of what places in Canada has crude oil and Bitumen Remaining reserves
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