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Year 4 Curriculum

No description

Katy Hildyard

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4 Curriculum
Spring Term 2014

Teacher: Mrs Anne Foden
Teacher: Anne Foden
Teacher: Mr Dillon Attwood-Bloomfield
Teacher: Mr Anthony O'Callaghan
Teacher: Heather Stewart
Teacher: Anne Foden
Teacher: Mrs Carolyn Holleyman
Teacher: Mr Anthony O’Callaghan
Teacher: Anne Foden
Teacher: Tiffany Henry
For more information:
Visit the Middle School page on our website:
Reading, spelling, handwriting, punctuation, comprehension, reference, planning skills
Collins Primary Literacy Book4
Character and setting descriptions
Arranging information and instructions
Writing information
Reading and writing poetry
Factual leaflets
Creating suspense

Grammar and Vocabulary:
-Sentence structure, capital letters, full stops, commas, paragraphs, tenses, speech, question and exclamation marks, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, FOS;
-Conjunctions, clauses

-Years 3 and 4 Play
Tenths and hundredths: Ordering and comparing numbers
Multiplication and division facts
Mental and written addition and subtraction
Adding and subtracting near multiples of ten and 100
Weight: Reading scales
Handling Data: Reasoning and explaining
Read and use units of time. Position and direction
Multiplication and division
Division and fractions
3D Shape: Data handling
Problem solving
• Solids, liquids, gases and changes of state
• Changing materials by heating and cooling
• Evaporation and condensation and the effect of temperature
• The water cycle
• Who were the Aztecs and what were their origins?
• Tenochtitlan: The City in the Swamp
• Aztec beliefs, gods, calendars and myths
• Everyday life and children in Aztec times
• Significance of the Aztec Empire
• 1519: Hernan Cortes, Moctezuma and the coming of the Europeans
• Four-figure grid references
• Map symbols
• Scale on maps
• Height on maps
• Contour lines and spot heights
• Six-figure grid references

Personal profile
Time: quarter to and quarter past
Houses and homes
Revisit previous topics and regularly practise vocabulary through dialogues, questions and answers and games
• Collage
• 3D figures (Giacometti)
• 3D drawings
Melodies and Scales:
Ability to recognise and use scales; Create short melodies and accompaniments
Sound Colours:
Create, perform and analyse expressive compositions
Music Theory:
• Use repeated patterns to create images
• Creating images using different techniques such as symmetry
• How to use 'save' and 'save as'
• Going for goals
• Good to be me
• Green issues
• Religion: Hinduism
Fitness and Cross Country
Extend work on Curling and Stretching
Skills and game
Teachers: Daphne Barkworth/Ian Ritchie/Antonia Convert/Dillon Attwood -Bloomfield
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