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The State of State Shale Gas Regulation+

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nathan richardson

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of The State of State Shale Gas Regulation+

The State of State Shale Gas Regulation
Nathan Richardson, Alan Krupnick, Madeline Gottlieb, and Hannah Wiseman
Who has the toughest job in shale?
Elements Regulated by State
Normalized Stringency by State
What we still don't know...
Where are the gaps?
Which state regulates best?
Understanding heterogeneity?
48 variables
Strongest result: more wells associated with more regulations
Little support for most claims about state heterogeneity
Very few significant associations...
Federalism - federal vs. state vs. local role?
Thank You
Nathan Richardson / richardson@rff.org / @ndrichardson
Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania, 1997-2012
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