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The Death of Anna Garcia

No description


on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Death of Anna Garcia

The Death of Anna Garcia
Hana's Theory
Anna Garcia seemed to have died from a heart attack and from her poor health issues.
She was on 3 medications called Actos, Lantus, and Simvastatin all of these medications are for diabetes.
Had been reported by her best friend that she had been at the hospital recently
Experienced a lot of back pain.
She must of had diabetes.
Taking medicines all at the same time increase the chance of having a heart attack or having your heart shut down.
Jaden's Theory
Anna Garcia died from died from from heart failure and all the medication she was taking.
The medication that Anna was taking was Actos, Simvastatin, and Lantus.
From the medication that she was taken she must have been diabetic. One of her other symptoms was a bunch of back pains.
Since was diabetic, that would increase her chances of having a heart attack or heart failure.
Also, one of her good friends said that Anna was at the hospital recently

Anna Garcia had died because of a heart attack.
Beth's theory
Heart attack
Heart Disease
People with Diabetes....
Are at higher risk for heart disease
Have additional causes of heart disease
May develop heart disease at a younger age
May have more severe heart disease
Heart attack
Helps decrease the risk of...
Type II diabetes
Used to prevent heart attacks in people who have had a heart attack in the past or who have angina (chest pain that occurs when the heart does not get enough oxygen)
Hair- Anna Garcia's

DNA- Anna Garcia's

Blood-Anna Garcia's or Erica

Shoe Print- Anna Garcia's

Fingerprint- Alex Garcia's

Anna Garcia
Case # 77
Decendent: Anna Garcia
Age: 38
Weight: 165
Height: 64 Inches
Race: Hispanic
Sex: Female
Date and Time of Autopsy: September 3,
2013 11:00 am
Performed By: Dr. Albertson

No evidence of alcohol BAC(% by volume), 0.015
No evidence of overdose of non-prescription or prescription
Results of the lab...

Discomfort, pressure, heaviness, or pain in the chest, arm, or below the breastbone
Discomfort radiating to the back, jaw, throat, or arm
Fullness, indigestion, or choking feeling (may feel like heartburn)
Sweating, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness
Extreme weakness, anxiety, or shortness of breath
Rapid or irregular heartbeats
Symptoms of a heart attack include:
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