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Prezi + iPad = 21st Century Learning

No description

Lisa Highfill

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Prezi + iPad = 21st Century Learning

Prezi + iPad = 21st Century
Learning http://prezi.com/kixsxlg4x9e6/copy-of-a-duarte-i-need-a-desk-in-my-room/ Persuasive writing
mind mapping Collaboration
Communication Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Creativity and Innovation Poetry and art doesn't
have to be limited to
paper and pencil.
With Prezi and an iPad,
creativity can lead to
amazing displays of
ideas in new and intriguing ways. Mind mapping persuasive
writing ideas takes on a
whole new meaning when
experiencing the power of
a Prezi and an iPad. What did you see on our field trip? What
was it like? With Prezi and an iPad, groups
can share their experiences with a kinesthetic approach they go crazy over! Teacher training
and collaboration This Prezi, explaining what 21st century learning is, was the kick off for my teacher training class. Prezi and iPad helped prove my point, innovation is the best education reform. 21st Century learning
means new ways of teaching! Using Prezi and iPad, Saloni share our plans for the upcoming field trip. Prezi + iPad creates a
mobile learning opportunity
for everyone at school.

View this Prezi which not
only shares more information
about 21st century learning,
but also teaches my colleagues
how to make a Prezi. http://prezi.com/16qb7heka9w_/how-to-make-a-prezi/ 21st century learning is: Prezi + iPad make this
innovative learning
hands-on and portable. 21st Century learning for innovative classrooms <---Zoom in! Created by

Thinker, philosopher, debater, educator interested in helping to develop 21st century thinkers. Lisa Highfill lhighfill@pleasanton.k12.ca.us http://prezi.com/7thdknqaa33w/della-l-my-vacation/ http://prezi.com/i_iz2_oeplqs/pigeon-point-starfish/ Background photo- writing on chalkboard by Jellyblood http://bit.ly/am5jbN
iPad photos and video- by Lisa Highfill February 10, 2011
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