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Book Prezi - Touching Spirit Bear

No description

Hannah Powers

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Book Prezi - Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear
Author's Biography
Ben Mikaelsen:
He was born in Bolivia
He won the International Reading Association Award and the Western Writer's Golden Spur Award
He adopted a black bear named Buffy
The setting takes place on an isolated island called Ketchikan, Alaska, close to Drake. The setting is important to the events in the story because if Cole hadn't gone to the island, he wouldn't have been able to tame his anger or make things right with him and Peter.
Problem & Solution
The problem in the story is that Cole Matthews has a serious anger problem and every time he gets into trouble with the law, his parents always buy him out of it. But not this time. This time he is being sentenced to jail, which he does not want to do. A man named Garvey introduces Circle Justice to Cole which will allow him to avoid jail, but have to be put on an island by himself for a while. This idea sounds a whole lot better to Cole rather than going to jail so he applies. Because Cole decides to participate in Circle Justice, he learns to control his anger and changes his ways.
By: Ben Mikaelsen
Hannah Powers
Ben Mikaelsen.http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/contributor/ben-mikaelsen.September 22, 2013
Ben Mikaelsen.http://www.benmikaelsen.com/about_ben.html.September 22, 2013
Touching Spirit Bear
Main Character
Cole Matthews is the main character in the story. He is a 15 year old teenage boy with lots of anger problems. Cole does not like to be told what to do and he does not like his parents' lifestyle and how they treat him. Cole likes the fact that every time he does something wrong, his parents always get him out of it. He also likes to be alone.
The theme of the story is to be forgiving, to be honest, to be kind, and to trust and respect one another. To me, the theme contributes to how I should live my life everyday. Those five aspects are main characteristics that every person should have in order to be successful in many ways.
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