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Navigating the First-Year Experience Program

No description

ACMAPS York University

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Navigating the First-Year Experience Program

Mature Student First-Year Experience Program
When you first access Moodle at:
You will be asked to login with your Passport York
Welcome to the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students online Moodle course for the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program.
After clicking on the course you will see a screen similar to this one.
Along with a welcome message, any announcements for the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program will appear here.
Moodle Icons
Let's take a closer look at the documents listed under the

Secrets of University Success

This is a
You will see this whenever there is text explains and elaborates on an academic skill. All you are required to do with pages is read them.
Tracking Your Progress
On the home page of the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program you may have noticed the text underneath each topic's description.
Underneath all of that information is your
which refers to how many tasks you've completed.
Let's try clicking on the

Secrets of University Success
The progress check boxes are a way for you to keep track of what activities you've completed and to guide your path.
When going through the modules it is your choice whether you want to follow the order provided for you.
Each module is planned out the same way. This is done to enhance your familiarity with each of the skills being discussed, and ultimately benefit you in the best way possible.
First you will be introduced to the skill and given questions to get you thinking about the topic up for discussion.
Then learn about it with the help of a video.

Following that, you will interact with what you've learned by thinking about and answering a couple questions related to the topic and video you watched. You will also be able to participate in a discussion, asking questions of your own.
Afterwards, you will reflect on the information given to you, which may require you to write a journal or participate in exercises.
Then you will be given more information so that you may explore the topic further on your own. There may also be printable resources available to help you master the skill.
Now let's look at the Navigation Menu
You will notice that the following links for
Secrets of University Success
topic all contain
Secrets of University Success Introduction
Preview Questions
Reflection Questions
Intro of Secrets of University Success Sub-topics
This is a
This icon will appear whenever there is a video for you to watch or a document that is not located on the Mature First-Year Experience Program Moodle website.
When you click on the
icon that is under the
Secrets of University Success
, it will take you to the video located on YouTube that explains the topic.
This is a
is an area where you are able to post comments to create a discussion about the the topic you are viewing.
For example: If you were completing the activities located under the
Secrets of University Success
module, the
would be the perfect place to ask questions or comment on the
Secrets of University Success
write-ups and video. You could also list your own secrets.
This is a
Instead of just reading and listening to videos, we want you to also interact with the content that you are shown.
When you see this icon that means that there is a space for you to write a reflective piece about the topic you are learning about.
Example: For the
Secrets of University Success
topic you could write about what changes you need to implement to be successful in your studies.
This is a Folder icon.
When you see this that means there are additional resources to help you understand the topic.
Secrets of University Success
folder contains a link to the
Learning Skills Services website
, an article for further reading and a book reference.
Additional Menus on Moodle
When you look to the right side of your Moodle screen you will notice a few other menus.
Latest News:
This section helps to highlight any new course announcements.
It's a simple way for you to stay informed.
Library Resources:
This is a quick way for you to access the York U library without having to go to the website.
You can ask a librarian a question or search for a book right from Moodle.
Upcoming Events:
Any events that you should know about will be listed here.
Search Forums:
Looking for something posted within a discussion forum, but you're unsure which one? Use the Search application by typing out the phrase to easily browse through the forums on the Moodle site.
Logging out
When you are finished accessing the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program on Moodle and want to call it a day, look to the top right of your screen.
There you will find the
link to log you out of Moodle. Don't forget to click it.
Further Explanation
If you need further explanation on accessing and navigating Moodle please refer to the York U Quickstart Guide
You may also view the Frequently Asked Question page
For more information about the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program Moodle course please click the link below.
This presentation will teach you how to navigate the Moodle course. It will also show you how you can take advantage of the many resources available to you online, such as:
Informative interviews and presentations on topics like note-taking, reading and stress management.
Videos by experienced staff and faculty.
Worksheets to help you implement the skills that are discussed in each topic.
Afterwards, when you login to Moodle you will see a screen with a list of online courses that you are enrolled in.
Click on the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program to enter the course.
Let's look at how the
Mature Student First-Year Experience Program
is set up.
Navigating the
The very first time you login to Moodle you may be presented with a page that asks you to update your profile.
If you come across this page, you must fill in a valid email address (one that you will check often).
You must also fill in your location
Then you can click
Update Profile.
In addition, there will also be a link provided that will connect you with the campus resource relating to the skill discussed.
Once you click on a topic, like the
Secrets to University Success,
it will expand and you will be able to see a list of the relating components.
Beside each component is a square box.
When you complete a task, for instance reading the
Overview of the Secrets of University Success topic.
Then click on the box to make a blue check mark appear.
You can go back to the home page by clicking on the
Mature Student First-Year Experience Program link
at the
You can click on the link in the
Navigation Menu.
Once you are back on the Mature Student First-Year Experience home page you will notice that your progress has changed.
It now shows that you've completed 1 our of 9 tasks.
Or you can choose the topics that interest you in order to create a learning path that best suits your academic needs.
Contact Us
You may contact the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students through our:
This is the Navigation Menu.
Here you will find links to the various topics covered in the online Mature Student First-Year Experience Program.
If you click on one of the topics...
It will expand to show a list of pages that correspond to the main topic.
We have provided a sequence of exercises and we recommend that you go through the documents in order that is outlined.
However, you are not required to do so.
To reiterate a point mentioned beforehand, you can choose the learning path that best suits you.
The information underneath the description of each topic decribes how many activities are within each module.
For Example: For the
Secrets of University Success
you can see that there are 5 Pages, 1 URL, 1 Forum, 1 Journal and 1 Folder.
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