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Sarah Rowland

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of Malta


over 405000 people
A roman catholic religion
A maltese ethnicity
They speek Maltese and English F

Tamatos are in most dishes
The mainly have an Italian ,British cuisine

Swimming, Athletics, judo,
and shooting are the olympic sports
they perticapate in.
The have won no medles
Some famous athleets are:
Ryan Gambin, Madeleine Scerri, Nicolai
Portetli, Charlene Attard, Marcon Bezzing, and William Chacut
They play soccer, netball, water skiing, swimming, water polo, and windsurfing

Some important land forms
are: vallys, low-lying hills, and
terraced fields
Some important water systems
are: harbors, bays and creeks
They have hot summers, and mild
and rainny winters
avrage winter temp. 57 f, avrage
summer temp. 90 f
their domain climate region is

some tourist attractions that the country has are:
gozo, pada, senglea, valletta, and xaghra

the money that their people use is called
their per capita GDP is 23,080
and some of their major exports are:
mechanical appliances, fish, crustaceans,
pharmaceudical products, and printed material


they have a republic
a word that decribes their government is fair and that it is very similar to ours
their prezident is george abela and their
prim minister is lawrence gonzi

the people games and sports Geography & Climate Food and diet Major landmarks/buildings Economy Government Famous People some people that are famous
to the people that live on malta
are: Dun Mikiel Xerri, priest;
Dun Karm P aila, priest; Antonio
Sciortino, First president;
and Edward de Bono, writer
Malta gained its independence from
Britain in 1964
They became a republic in 1974
They joined the EU( European Union)
in May of 2004
they joined the eurozone in 2008
By sarah rowland
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