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Juan Cabrillo

No description

Roshane Frazier

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Juan Cabrillo

Q. Where and when were you born?
A. I was born Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Wednesday March 13, 1499 in Montalegre, Portugal
Q. What was your biggest accomplishment?
A. My biggest accomplishment was being the first man to step into California on September 28 1542
We didn't have time to ask a question right now. Here is a video about Juan's life instead.
Q. What was your last voyage like?
A. What was the most exciting thing that has happened on your voyages?
A. The most exciting thing that has happened to me wasn't on a voyage, but it was when I had joined Hernando Cortes to fight in the war against the Aztechs. We, the Spanish, won the war.
Juan Cabrillo
By Roshane Frazier
Sadly, Juan died before this interview coud be finished :( Q. When did Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo die?
A. *Intercom* Juan RodriguezCabrillo died on Wednesday January 3 1543 in California on San Miguel Island. He died from tripping on a rock, getting a splinter in is shin, and dying from an infection.
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