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Asteroids,Meteorites, and Comets

No description

Keilani Adams

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Asteroids,Meteorites, and Comets

Who murdered Piggy Snorticus?
An asteroid, a meteorite, or a comet?

Clementine Comet
Name: Piggy Snorticus
Details: Found smushed at the scene of the crime.
Burnt vegetation surrounds the crater.
Unexpected rock discovered in Piggy's fur and around the area.
Annabelle Asteroid
Clementine Comet
- Never read Piggy's books because she thought they were unethical.
- Her family has lived in the states for over 100 years.
- Clementine was named after her Great Great Grandmother who used to write stories about murder.
- Her Great Great Grandmother's books were tossed aside by Piggy's more modern books. Is that a motive for murder?
- She lives two doors down from the famous pig.
- For the past two years Piggy's friendship with Clementine Comet has deteriorated.
The Rocks
This rock seems to have originated from outer space. Investigators believe when this murder took place, the murderer left a crucial clue- rocks from our solar system. This clue leads us to believe there are three murder suspects. Their names are Clementine Comet, Marissa Meteorite, and Annabelle Asteroid.
Piggy Snorticus
Piggy Snorticus was a mystery writer who has killed off his famous main character; Detective Boarlock in his newly released book "49 Shades of Gray". He lives in a average size house in Thousand Oaks, California. The victim was in front of his house at about 4 am, the time of his death. Only three people came out of their houses to see what happened, but why didn't the rest of the neighborhood? Is there sense to this madness?
Burnt Vegetation
The burnt vegetation leads us to believe that either a fire was set as a distraction, a coverup, or the murderer was in fact on fire. If it was one of the suspects, they could still have been on fire from entering the Earth's atmosphere, or they could be trying to blame each other.
Marissa Meteorite
-She lives next door to the victim and seems to have been good friends with Mr. Snorticus.
-Moved in six years prior to the murder.
-She is friends with both Clementine Comet and Marissa Meteorite.
-Annabelle was in jail for 5 years for stealing a bracelet from an alien aristrocrat. She says it was "just an accident"
- Annabelle read all of Piggy's books.
Annabelle Asteroid
Marissa Meteorite Continued...
Marissa Meteorite
- Told us she has lived in Thousand Oaks for two years.
- Has read all of Piggy's books.
- Marissa is friends with Clementine Comet, and now we know she was friends with Annabelle until she stole the alien's bracelet.
- She lives across the street from the victim.
- One time she borrowed Piggy's chainsaw, but she never gave it back.
- Marissa used to go out with Mr. Snorticus. It didn't last.

A used match found in the bushes near the scene.
The Matchstick
This burnt stick of wood was found hidden beneath a bush and some rocks. Why would this object be so well hidden? Could someone have started a fire there?
The article named "Meteorite explodes over Russia, more than 1,000 injured", by Andrey Kuzmin, explains how a meteorite rained fireballs all over the town of Chelyabinsk, Russia on Feb 15, 2013. The town's windows shattered, car alarms went off, and phone networks were disrupted. The meteorite left a long trail of blazing white light in the sky. Its pieces landed and crushed on multiple people.
Anabelle Asteroid Continued...
* In an article by CNN, there is talk that the largest asteroid (on record) is theorized to hit Earth in 20 years or so. However, NASA assured us that the most dangerous known asteroids don't really pose much of a threat, and they are very few.
* Every day, Earth is bombarded with more than 100 tons of dust and sand-sized particles of asteroid. These little particles and called meteoroids.
* An asteroid located in Ontario, Canada is named Sudbury Basin. This asteroid landed on our planet 1.8 billion years ago and is considered to be one of the world's largest and oldest impact structures.
* The Manicouagan Crater in
Quebec, Canada is what formed the
Lake Manicouagan. It is considered
one of the best preserved impact
craters on Earth, even with its erosion.

Scene of the Crime

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Now, a moment of silence for Piggy Snorticus.
Thanks for watching!
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