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Banning tobacco products

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Milena Petrovic

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of Banning tobacco products

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Defending smokers is a thankless task in today's politically correct environment and But does deny that smoking is an unhealthy habit. But today's taxes and bans go far beyond are a reasonable public policy response to public health problem . Many people tasks for a reasoned debate that respects the right of smokers .
Cigarette taxes are also an officient and unreliable way to raise funds for government. Dramatic price hikes and and extreme taxes on cigarettes are threatening to create a stampede of tax evasion ,black market transactions counterfeiting ...

They do not want to pay higher taxes just because they are smokers , even if that was the paln of government they should pay the taxes as everyone else .

Banning tobacco products
("positive side")

Such high and discriminatory taxes on smokers are unfair. The smokers are paying more in exercise taxes than the social cost of their habits.

Even if the people are smokers they should not be disrespected by the others and they should not pay more taxes because of their problem with smoking .

Smokers already pay taxes that are too high to be fait , and far above any cost they impose on the rest of society
They are trying to say that the smoking bans are bad for bars and restaurants .

Of course the owners of bars and restaurants were trying to prove this for their businesses .
A debate over the desirability of smoking bans for bars and restaurants , seemingly ancient history in cities such as Los Angeles and New York , is now reaching the news again as legislatures in traditional tobacco growing states have begun to consider the issue. In some states they recently approved state wide smoking bans for bars and restaurants.
All the people would agree that it is hard for smokers to be on any public place and smoke but they are only searching for a freedom maybe just in restaurants to be allowed to smoke.
A government can try to ban anything , but in case of tobacco there are various reasons not to:

- There are people who insist on their right to smoke . They might tolerate state-imposed health advise , but being entirely prohibited for smoking might cause them to no longer vote for the politicians who supported the ban.

- There are economical interests . Forbidding companies from selling them would mean that those people who work in cigarette production , distribution and sales would lose their jobs.
Many countries are imposing an additional taxes on tobacco products which generates quite a lot of tax income.
Banning smoking would cause this to disappear , which would mandate cuts on government spendings or a higher deficit.
Some of the people are thinking that they can easily start the conversation with the cigarette and sometimes you can more easily fill the gaps that it does not look like you have nothing to say.

To many people the smell of the smoke is pleasant and the people are sometimes using it to prevent some stress reactions and maybe to calm themselves for a little bit because they are
feeling disapointed .
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