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PayneWest Healthcare Division

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of PayneWest Healthcare Division

Cyber Risk Management

Municipal Solid Waste
BioHazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Materials
Petroleum Tanks
Environmental Risks
Actual or Alleged Billing Errors
HIPPA Issues
Regulatory Defense
Enviromental Compliance
Healthcare Industry Total Cost of Risk
High Trial Win Rates.....
High % of claims closed without payment
Can continue to use same attorney...
Financial Rating
A to A++
Tribute Plans
Profit Sharing
Upfront Savings
Risk Management
Information Breach
1st Party HIPPA Violations
Virus Attacks
Compliance Issues

Denied Claims
Injured Workers
True Cost of a Claim
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
Clean Air Act
Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act
Toxic Substances Control Act
Various State Laws
As good of job as direct medical malpractice writers do at placing your med mal insurance and providing some re-active services....we understand that our industry has really ignored many of the other risks that can have an impact on your practice. (P)

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our Med Mal expertise....in fact, our firm has the only Healthcare Specialty Division in the Northwest that has multiple relationships with A rated med mal writers, But we also have the intellect and research that supports a holistic model as it relates to managing all scopes of risk within your practice, not just the med mal. (R)

....Let me give you an example of what i mean.
Next Steps
A couple different ways we can go from here
We can get together again...go through our assessment- find out what risks are in this area for your practice ....and begin discussing a plan to manage "these" and minimize "this"
We will ask after this meeting (2nd meeting) that if we are able to put a plan together that aligns with the results you want....we will become your broker- on all lines.
Between now and then....Our team will contact you and request the applicable information for the insurance piece...IE CV's, Claims History, Current Policy Info, etc
Or...you can do nothing. You can continue to manage your risk as you have. No harm....

Montana: Casey Galloway, John Roberts, Nate Allie, Mark Durham, Rody Holman, McCutcheon Team
Oregon: Andy Tucknott, Jay Christensen, Michael Reggiani, Matt McGowan
Washington: Mike McWhorter, Randy Hale
Be willing to being held accountable to establish new opportunities
Be a productive team player
Conference Calls, Team Up...we dont know what we dont know
Become a true specialist- improve your industry acumen
Be an early adopter as it relates to the sales process of the division
You gain access to intellect and markets that you don't see in most firms. You can become a part of something that will help you seperate you as a professional....becoming an advisor in the Healthcare world, and drive additional revenue for yourself and your family.
Key Carriers: (Med Mal)
Medical Protective (WA, OR, ID, MT)
Exclusive: MT
ProAssurance (to be completed)
Exclusive: MT, OR, WA, ID
Other Lines (WC, P&C)
Phily, ACE, CNA, Etc

$12,000,000 +/-
Who will Service?
Prospects/ Leads
Internet Research
Med Mal, P&C, WC, Cyber, etc
Momentum Building
MMA Program
Garlington, Lohn, & Robinson Alignment
Next Steps
2nd call- Mike McWhorter
ProAssurance Education
Regular Conference Calls (30-40 mins / 2 weeks)
Business Acumen Development
Industry Challenges- Emerging Risks
 Chosen Producer to teach the group about an emerging risk in the Hospitality Industry
• Give a white paper on an example, how to quantify the impact, Do we have a solution for it?
 Add it to the playbook
Use PIPEDRIVE to discuss prospect challenges and opportunities
Identify 2 new prospects each producer will call on before next call- add it to pipedrive
Identify who in the group will lead the next call.

What is the cost of a denied claim? How can we minimize this exposure?
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