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mis - global digital divide

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on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of mis - global digital divide

can cell phone close
the global digital divide

why do economist predict that widespread
cell phone usage in developing countries
would have an unprecedented effect on the
growth of those countries?
what strategies are cell phone companies
using to "close the digital divide" and
market phones to the poorest segment of
the world's population?
what are some examples of how cell phones might increase quality of life for residents of developing countries?
do you believe that cell phones will proliferate widely through Africa and asia?why or why not?
As per ICT Africa mobile subscriber is growing 40 fold
Because as per world bank reports 650 million + user
Africa’s mobile telecoms market is second only to Asia in scale, and it’s growing almost as fast.
land lines are expensive
As the World Bank notes in a recent report on information and communication technology (ICT) in Africa :
why cell phones for bridging
what are the capabilities of the XO
laptop (especially the latest version,
XO-3) ? how well - suited is this
machine for developing countries
How would use of the XO laptop narrow the
global digital divide? compare the potential
impact of this machine to that of cell phones in developing nations.
What is digital divide?

Thank You!
The term Digital divide describes a gap between those who have ready access to information and communication technology (ICT) and the skills to make use of those technology

& those who do not have the access or skills to use those same technologies within a geographic area, society or community.

It is an economic and social inequality between groups of persons.

Physical access
financial access
Socio-demographic Access
Cognitive Access
Design Access
Institutional Access
Political Access
Cultural Access

What are the Obstacles to overcome the global digital divide
How Digital divide Affecting world?

Increase in efficiency & quality of life

Navigation in your hand

Stay connected anytime and anywhere

Transfer of data
Enhance your business
mobile Healthcare
Attractive features
Call rates
Mobile internet
Application Technology
Mobile Banking
Then what is Global digital divide?
The global digital divide describes global disparities between
developed and developing countries
"Internet has developed unevenly throughout the world"
Easy To Access
Easy To Maintain
Easy To Communicate
mobile phones
GLOBAL SOLUTION- "bridge the gap"
Government organized programs to develop digital skills among the digitally illiterate

Introduce affordable and globally competitive monthly fees for mobile devices or invite new players into the mobile market to disperse the existing oligopoly.

Encourage and provide incentive to internet providers to expand their networks, specifically to RURAL regions.
few examples
take look on this figures
Number of mobile phones users= 6,800million plus
world Population= 7,012million
Connections/100 citizens=

Worldwide Internet users
"Over the previous 25 years, a 10% increase in the penetration rate of mobile phones had been associated with a 0.8% boost in GDP per capita in developing countries, while the same increase in broadband networks could add a further 1.4% to general economic growth".
it is easy to list the benefits of bringing inexpensive computers to the billions of people who live
in rural villages and urban centers in the developing world
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