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Board Game Pitch Presentation

No description

Sanish Moher

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Board Game Pitch Presentation

Exclusive Player Customization
Players are represented as actual mini toy cars in the game which comes in 4 different models so they can choose which one they wish to play as.
Target Audience
The game is aimed at young boys aged 5 years and above. However, the whole family can participate and spend time to bond with one another while playing 'GO KART'.
Final Product
What is it about?
Our game revolves around car racing and everything to do with rally, formula 1 etc....
It isn't as simple as it looks...
The basic rules of the game are very obvious; complete the course to win but players may also find themselves in tricky situations sometimes.
Ready, Set, GO!
Today we're going to be pitching our brand new board game, called "GO KART".
Board Game Pitch Presentation
For example
You made a good start, throw again.
The box set consist of:
4 x Mini Toy Cars
2 x Dice
The Board Game itself
It's a fairly simple game so just stick with us and we'll explain everything you need to know about this amazing game.
The game comes with a professionally and carefully designed race course AND small toy cars for each player to be easily identified.
The objective is to complete the circuit before the other players and reach the finish line in order to win.
Here's our masterpiece!
Depending on where players land when they roll the dice, they might earn bonuses or face a terrible outcome that will affect their game strategy.
You entered the curve too fast, exit the track and miss a turn.
Switch on turbo and advance to square number *36*
You have cut the curve and the race judges send you back to the start!
Gives a sense of realism when playing a car racing board game and makes the player feels more involved in the race.
The following are a few snaps of who we hope to attract as customers for this game...
Considered to be the 'Ultimate Racing Board Game Experience!'
It also allows the parents to have some relaxation time with their kids and just get lost in the gaming world for a period of time.
All of these awesome features for an affordable price of...
Rs 500!
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