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Advanced Leaders Program Presentation

No description

Dipa Patel

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Advanced Leaders Program Presentation

The Leader In Me

Enabling Other to Act
Encouraging freshmen to get involved on campus and getting people in my organization to get involved.

Has goal been reached?:
Yes, by sharing opportunities and experiences with freshmen and by persuading organization members.

Lessons Learned:
I learned that I want to help others to build great experiences at UMSL because I never had a peer-mentor/student to enable me to act.
Encouraging the Heart
To celebrate success when goals are met in organizations/programs.

Has goal been reached?:
Yes, I gave my freshmen mentees cards/gifts for almost finishing their first semester of college and had an end of semester party.

Lessons Learned:
Celebrating their success is kind of a motivating factor for them to excel and go beyond.
School Organization
Criminology/Criminal Justice Undergraduate Student Association
challenging the process:
finding exciting opportunities for members to get involved in, from a book drive to prison tours
inspiring a shared vision:
sharing my vision of a successful organization next year (executive officers graduating in May)

Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department Crime Lab
modeling the way:
set an example to newer interns and helping them before they have to ask help from the supervisor
challenging the process:
look for new assignments or opportunities to get involved to gain new knowledge and experience
enabling others to act:
work with other interns to ahieve goals and to build trust
encouraging the heart:
interns are cared about and appreciated because it can give them motivation and boost performance
"Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching."
-George Van Valkenburg
Personal Mission Statement
To take every opportunity I can that will benefit me and will help me succeed in life, devlope in life, and gain new knowledge/information; also to be a life long learner because knowledge is the key to success and power.
Leadership Practices Scores
Modeling the Way: 42
(by finding their voice and affirming shared values)

Inspire a Shared Vision: 41
(by envisioning the future and enlisting others in a common vision)

Challenge the Process: 40
(by searching for opportunities and by experimenting, taking risks, and learning from mistakes)

Enable Other to Act: 51
(by fostering collaboration and strengthening others)

Encourage the Heart: 42
(by recognizing contributions and celebrating values and victories)
Modeling the Way
Inspiring a Shared Vision
Sharing my knowledge with other students to get them involved.

Has goal been reached?:
Yes, by getting freshmen involved for
a great future at UMSL.

Lessons Learned:
Not everyone is the same with taking
initiative to get involved.
Challenging the Process
Take on more leadership roles and to go for it.

Has goal been reached?:
Yes, I got a peer mentor position in the Emerging Leaders Program.

Lessons Learned:
Sometimes it takes motivation to challenge the process.

Take every opportunity to develop and succeed in life.

Has goal been reached?:
Yes, by applying to different programs/activities in school.

Lessons Learned:
Time commitment and have to set boundaries.
1. School Organization
2. Internship
3. Parent's Business

How I am Currently Applying the Skills/Principles I Learned
Parent's Business
Career Services
how to build a great resume

how to answer interview questions

how to pass a job interview
I learned about the 5 leadership practices and how I can use them now and in the future.
different leadership topics

different components to leadership

the 5 practices of leadership
How I am Applying the Skills/Principles
To My Future Career
inspiring a shared vision:
sharing ideas on what to do to increase business/consumers
challenging the process:
learn something new everyday I am at the business
encouraging the heart:
employees receive gifts/bonuses and compliments for their performance
What I Learned From This Program
how the sites apply the 5 practices of leadership

the mission/goals of the site
Career Site Visits
Name: Dipa Patel

Majors: Criminology/Criminal Justice BS
Psychology BA

Expected Graduation: May 2016

First 10 years: East St. Louis, IL

Last 10 years: West County, St. Louis, MO
After Graduation: Grad School
enabling others to act:
work in collaboration and develop team work to achieve the goals of agency/department
encouraging the heart:
focus on others to help them realize their potential and increase productivity
inspiring a shared vision:
developing a plan that will positively influence the future of the agency/department
key traits:
confidence, innovation, accountability, ability to embrace failure, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, capacity to inspire and motivate others
Criminal Investigations
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