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This is a Prezi designed for the TED Contest. We chose Bryan Stevenson's Ted Talk, "We Need to Talk About Injustice". Enjoy! @empoweredpres

Cory Jim

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Injustice

What is ? Global conferences used to entertain and educate. Ideas through TED impact the world. Why? It has a powerful identity. And an identity itself is powerful. - Professor at NYU School of Law - Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative - A Man with a Powerful Mission Much of his identity comes from his grandma. One day while playing at his grandma's house... A strong yet loving woman. "Come on, Bryan.
You and I are going to
have a talk." “I want you to know
I’ve been watching you. I think you’re special.
You can do anything
you wanna do." Just promise me 3 things: These words resonated with him into adulthood. Went to Harvard Law School. And now he fights for Equal Rights in the justice system. Here's why: From his encounters with his grandma Humanity is closer to being truly equal. "Remember to keep your eyes on the prize. Hold on." She took him to the So he packed his things. - “You’ll always love your mom”
- “You’ll always do the right thing,
even when the right thing is
the hard thing”
- “You’ll never drink alcohol” #ideasmatter backyard and told him... "Mmm mmm mmm.
That's going to make
you tired, tired, tired." Even his encounter with Rosa Parks. Watch it here talk? Bryan Stevenson's Curious about @empoweredpres Bryan Stevenson For example, this is
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