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Asset Management

No description

valerie Titli

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Asset Management

Strategic Direction of the Council
Policy Steers
Property data & Asset Management
Does the present property asset fulfil
The delivery needs of occupying
Data about the property portfolio
Ensure the Council’s property estate and operations are efficient and fit for purpose.
Create sustainable communities by providing strategic leadership, empowering people,
delivering locally and recognising different needs to ensure equality of access and helping to ensure that all public services in East Sussex are commissioned and
delivered effectively.
To enhance customer focus across the Council by improved engagement and dialogue
with local people and redesigning our working practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Ensure the Council's carbon footprint and utility costs are as low as possible.
Ensure resources align with key priorities and that effective financial management is in place across the Council.
Strike a balance between the needs of the settled and Gypsy and Traveller communities
The services we deliver
Property data is collected to enable us to understand the starting point
It is imperative to have good, reliable and up to date information about each property.
The asset base should be determined by Service Departments delivery Strategies...
As a result of discussions about the suitability of existing property assets, we need to identify the changes that may be required to the property portfolio to bring it up to the desired standard for efficient & effective delivery.
Here are 4 potential options to consider
Disposal &
recycle of
Refurbish &
Retain for
community use
Redevelop &
Share with
Once a decision has been made,
a strategy is agreed for each asset.
This in turn informs a "consolidated Asset Management Plan" for each service Department,
to finally constitute the overall CPAMP
This shows a "bottom up" process for the creation of a document built up from the operational needs across the organisation.
So RICS guidance says that to answer that question and develop a business focused Property Asset Strategy, we must have a Complete understanding of the Corporate Policies, the organisation, the Services provided
know what our portfolio is made of
The question to be answered is
Asset by Asset strategy
Measuring Performance
Mental Health Services
Learning Disability Services
Older People & physical Disability Services
Occupational Therapy Services
Youth offending
family support
looked after children
Children's Disability Services
Under 19s and family substance misuse
Children with SEN...
Roads Management
Development & infrastructure
Waste Management
Archives & Records
Cultural Strategy
Community Safety
The make up of the present portfolio
of use
Cost of
to full repair
"Performance of the property asset base should be reviewed to track its progress internally, over time and against the performance of property assets in other organisations. For example:
Property Costs as % of total expenditure
Although the property requirements of
Services is assessed, it is the Asset Management Team who defines the parameters that needs to be met by each portfolio.
Melanie's steer
The good old days, when Departments were telling us what to do are over.
We too, as a Department, have priorities and targets to meet.
In order to meet those, we need to keep a tight grip on the portfolio.
We give them a box, they need to fit in it!
It is the role of the Asset Management Team to challenge the use and retention of non-performing properties.
The exception is not the rule anymore
Property Costs
per FTE & per M2
Vacancy &
Surplus Space
Space per workstation
Value & Priority of
Maintenance Backlog
Condition of
the Portfolio
Carbon Emissions
Energy consumption
Community Asset
Community Use
of Assets
User Satisfaction
Performance Indicator
Is it linked to Corporate
Is the PI objective
YOUR objective?
Does the indicator
deliver the
Does the indicator
Brought about
Does the indicator Delivered
Know your audience
Relevance & Quality:
Avoid information overload The info should be focused on the responsibility of the person receiving it. What will the recipient do as a result of receiving it? Report on exceptions, tolerances, variations
The ratio of total maintenance spends on planned/reactive works
% of GIA in condition A and B
at least 80%
% of Non-school building being non-compliant less than
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