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Build-a-prezi Chapter 6 part two

No description

Samuel Bowers

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Build-a-prezi Chapter 6 part two

Read through the chapter (6.4 and 6.5) and use the highlighter function to make note of vocabulary, important information, important quotes, and artists and dates associated with those artists.
Download supporting images
Use google images to find appropriate pictures to clarify vocabulary or give examples of:
types of art, art styles, examples of an artists work, elements of art or principles of design,
Download large versions of the images (right click -> save image
Creating a prezi
Start a new prezi and choose blank prezi as the template
immediately delete the circle frame you start with.
Click customize, scroll down the new tab that pops up until you see advanced. Click it.
Click wizard.
In the wizard, first place your background image on the 3d background. Click next.
In this tab select colors for your title, subtitle, and body fonts that will stand out against the background image you chose. Click next.
In this final tab, select colors for your frames as well as for your arrows, lines, and highlighter. Click done.
To begin creating slides for your prezi:
Immediately, you want to create a "home screen" that will include your entire presentation in the view. To do this, follow these instructions:
Scroll your view in or out so that your background image fills the screen.

click edit path (lower left of the prezi screen)

click add current view. This will create a slide of what you are showing currently. This will become your "home screen."

You may use the edit path trick to add zoomed in versions of your images. Simply click an inserted image so Prezi zooms in on it, then click edit path, add current view. Be sure that the new slide that is created is in the right order with your other slides by dragging it under the slide it belongs to.
You will now create your prezi presentation for part two of Chapter 6.
Once your prezi is complete, save it and exit. The next screen that loads is the presentation screen for that prezi and you can preview it to see that it has all the information, that the slides transition in the right order, and that you are satisfied with how it looks.
Your final steps are to:
edit the title and call it Chapter 6: Drawing part two
share the prezi with sbowers@uisd.net
You needs slides for:
1. background (home screen)
2. Comics
3. A comic book artist (add 2-3 examples of their art.
4. graphic novel
5. Contemporary drawing
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