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Queen anne

No description

Daniel johnson

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Queen anne

Queen Anne was the last monarch of Stuart dynasty who reigned for 12 years, 4 months and 26 days. Born in 1665 and dying in 1714, Anne had 5 children who were all unable to reach adulthood and was pregnant 17 times. After Anne's death, George I succeeded the throne.
Anne's Reign
Queen Anne suffered various health problems.
However During her reign she created the Royal Ascot.
She also did her best to unite England and Scotland as one country
Developed a two party system. The main two parties were the Tories (Anglican Church) and the Whigs (Protestant Dissenters).
Early life
Queen anne
Anne was born on the 6th February 1665 in St. James' palace.
Parents - James, duke of York soon to be James II & Anne Hyde, James's first wife.
When Anne was little she had a eye condition
So was sent to France to live with her grandmother who soon died. Then Anne went to live with her aunt who also died soon after.
Anne was brought back to England when her mother died in 1671.
Later, Anne's father married to Mary of Medena who was only six years older than Anne.
As Charles II had no children, Anne was third in line to the throne behind Mary and her father
Anne Hyde
James II
CLose Family
Broader family
Later life
1708 came the death of her husband
1713 January-June she couldn't walk.
Rumours she was soon going to die
She suffered from gout and her body swelled.
She was heavily obese when she died.
Finally reached her death in 1714, due to a stroke.
Anne was buried at Westminster abbey. Her coffin was almost a square due to her proportions.
During Anne's reign the war of the Spanish succession took place.
The war started with the Spanish monarch, Charles II (not the English ruler), passing away with no heir. He named the French prince,Philippe of Anjou as the next king.
Philippe of Anjou
Louis XIV, of France unites Spain and France, as the French prince is now the ruler of Spain. This arouses fear and suspicion from England, Holland, Austria and Prussia who form a grand alliance, so battling the French and Spanish.
They wanted to appoint King Charles III of Hungary to the throne who was also the second son of the Austrian emperor Leopold I.
The French were defeated in several battles, the grand alliances' forces lead by duke of Marlborough and prince Eugene.
Eventually the war ended , as England signed peace treaties, at Utrecht.
Benefits of the war and effects
Neither Spain, France, Austria or Holland grew too powerful, although in the end it was Philippe who became king. England received new lands, and France and Spain were forbidden to unite.
Thank you for listening
By Dhylan, Daniel and Nick
Historian's views
Some historians believe that Anne isn't recognised as much because of her weight
Here's a quote from historian James Winn -
I think her size is part of that. It’s a sad truth that I think people look at the portraits of her and read about her and make that leap—“fat, therefore stupid.”
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