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Leaps, Jumps, Formations and smarts!-


Kaylen Edwards

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Leaps, Jumps, Formations and smarts!-

The History of Dance! HOW DANCE BEGAN...
Dance originated in Italy. Then it was introduced to France. France is most known for ballet (this is the first form of dance). 1400 B.C. There is no known founder of dance. Ballet, the first form of dance, was played at a very advanced level. To perform onstage in ballet, the ballerina was rehearsed about 10 hours out of a week.

Elizabeth Aleman, performed a dance to a solo to the song "Scratch." Elizabeth at the age of 16, she goes to Mari's Ballet and Dance Academy.
Kali Sumrow is an 11 year old girl, who danced to the song "Imagine." She is from A Chorus Line Dance Company.go to lthis site to see more hall of fame winners http://www.halloffamedance.com/. FAMOUS BALLERINA...
Anna pavlova famous Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova is best known for changing the ideals for ballet dancers, as she was small and thin, not the preferred body of a ballerina during her time. She is also credited for creating the modern pointe shoe. HAS DANCE CHANGED?
Dance has progresed, and become more advaned. There are now many types of dance such as: ballet,modern,jazz,tap,
lyrical,contemparary, and gymnastics. Ballet shoes!! Tap shoes Modern dancers Gymnast Ballet dancer
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