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The Odyssey: Book 22

No description

Alexis Brianna

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Book 22

As Odysseus spoke, he aimed a bitter arrow straight at Antinous, Odysseus took a aim and hit him with an arrow in the throat. Its point passed through his tender neck. Then shrewd Odysseus stripped off his rags, grabbed up the bow and quiver full of arrows, and sprang over to the large doorway "Stranger, you'll pay for shooting arrows at this man." Odysseus: "You dogs, because you thought I'd not come back from Troy to my own home, you've been ravaging my house, raping women and in your devious way wooing my wife, while I was still alive, with no fear of the gods, who hold wide heaven, or of any man who might take his revenge in days to come. And now a fatal net has caught you all." With these words, Eurymachus pulled out his sword, a sharp tow edged blade of bronze, and then charged out straight at Odysseus, with a blood-curdling shout. As he did so, Lord Odysseus shot an arrow. It struck him in the chest beside the nipple and drove the swift shaft straight down into his liver. "Father, now I'll bring you a shield, two spears, and a bronze helmet, one that fits your temples. When I get back, I'll arm myself and hand out other armour to the swinehard and the keeper of the goats. It's better if we fully arm ourselves." Quick-witted Odysseus answered him and said: " Get them here fast, while still I have arrows to protect myself, in case they push me from the doors, since I'm here by myself." As Odysseus said these words, pale fear seized everyone. Each man looked around to see how he might flee complete destruction. Only Eurymachus spoke- he answered him and said: "If, in fact, it's true that you're Odysseus of Ithaca, back home again, you're right in what you say about the actions of Achaeans here, their frequent reckless conduct in your home, their many foolish actions in the fields. But the man responsible for all these things now lies there dead." Agelaus spoke to them, addressing everyone: "Friends, this man's hands have been invincible, but now they'll stop. Don't throw those spears at them, not all at once. Come, you six men throw first, to see if Zeus will let us strike Odysseus and win the glory. Those others over there will be no trouble after he's collapsed." "These proud suitors Telemachus and I will keep penned up here inside the hall, no matter how ferociously they fight. You two twist Melanthius' feet and arms behind him, throw him in the storeroom, the lash boards against his back. Tie the man to a twisted rope and then hist him up the loft pillar till he's near the beams. Let him stay alive a while and suffer in agonizing pain."
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