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Fear-Lord of the Flies

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Jenny LIn

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Fear-Lord of the Flies

How fear connects to: Character Development
How fear connects to : Conflict
Dark Event: The Great Plague
Dark event: The Holocaust
How fear connects to: Theme
How fear connects to: Plot
Jack used Ralph’s fear of the beast to gain support for his leadership and create his tribe.
Fear of the unknown causes distress among the littluns. There is also the fear of death, amongst the children. It is shown that fear changes people. At the beginning of the novel, they are all still civilized British boys. But as different fears (such as death, the unknown, etc) overcome them, they are giving in more to savagery. They are changing from how they were, to reassure to themselves that they'll survive.
In this book, the children's fear spawns various types of conflict including character versus self, character versus character, and character versus nature.
List of Phobias
Achluophobia – The fear of darkness
Acrophobia – The fear of heights
Claustrophobia- The fear of no escape and being closed
Nosophobia- The fear of death and/or the undead
Panphobia- The fear of everything or constant fear of an unknown cause
Spectrophobia- The fear of ghosts and phantoms
Agrizoophobia- The fear of wild animals
Algophobia – The fear of pain
Agoraphobia – The fear of places or events where escape is impossible or when help is unavailable, the fear of open spaces or being in public places, and the fear of leaving a safe place
"A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. Whether the threat is real or imagined." (Dictionary.com)
It is something that we have all experienced; something that the characters in William Golding's novel, "the Lord of the Flies", constantly demonstrate. Yet, what is fear?
There are many types of fear....
- a bubonic plague that spread through the Kingdom
- killed an estimated 100, 000 people (20% of the pop.)
- a disease caused by Yersinia Pestis Bacterium which is usually transmitted through the bite of an infected flea
- villagers were terrified and quarantined themselves, in fear of contracting this deadly disease
But, most types of fear stem from the five most basic and primitive fears that are stamped into our psyche :
the fear of extinction
the fear mutilation
the fear of the loss of autonomy
the fear of separation
the fear of ego-death
Fears that relate to this dark event are:
- Nosophobia: Fear of contracting a disease
- Necrophobia: Fear of death and/or the dead
- Algophobia: Fear of pain
The fear of the children develops into a character versus character conflict as they try to battle inner fears. An example of this would be in the beginning as Piggy realizes that they are trapped on an island and that they might die there. Another example would be during instances when they fear something a bit more contemporary, such as when they killed Simon. Ralph and Samneric fear what they have done and try to cope with that fear by attempting to convince themselves that they have not been really apart of it.
Character versus character conflict also sparked due to the fear, the mildest form of which would be when, during various instances, some (the littlun with the mulberry birthmark, Simon, etc.) tried to express their fears of a beast. This created a bit of tension between them and those that had rather not think about these things. Another character versus character conflict that, if was not caused by, then escalated because of the fear was the tension between Jack and Ralph. Jack controlled his followers by by instilling fear with brutal and unnecessary action against others. The conflict occurs when Ralph, not agreeing with his style of leadership challenges Jack. This causes the deadly manhunt for him, led by Jack.
The children's fear also, interestingly, creates a sort of nature versus character conflict as their anxieties turn the island from the lush paradise that it first gave the impression of being, into something a bit more ominous. The first example would be when Piggy's thought of dying on the island made it seem more like an isolated prison than the "good island" that the kids first found it to be. Another example would how the fear of a beast forced the children to build the rescue fire on the less than optimal spot (on the beach instead of the mountain).
The holocaust is caused by racism and Judeophobia, a fear or dislike of Jews. After the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, they excluded the Jews from their society. Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Germans were the superior race while the Jews were the inferior race. This situation became a lot worse in 1941 after the killing centers were opened to systematically kill all the Jews in Germany and in German-occupied areas throughout Europe. By 1945, two-thirds of the Jewish population was wiped out and about 6 million Jews were killed.
Dark events: The World Wars
World War 1:
The formation of alliances created fear and suspicion amongst European countries. This eventually escalated to war.
Fear of sabotage during the war caused many to distrust enemy aliens, citizens of a country that is at war with the one from which they cam. This was called anti-enemy hostility.
Fear of the war was evident and exploited by the government in the dissemination of propaganda.
Fear of another disaster like World War One resulted in the creation of the League of Nations.
: World War 2
One of the causes of World War 2 was the League of Nations' failure to address the dictators' first signs of aggression due to the fear of provoking another war.
One of the causes of World War 2 was the rise to power of power-hungry dictators who, much like Jack, maintained control through fear.
Another example of anti-enemy hostility during WW2 further emphasized the fear during the world wars.
Dark Events-911
Theme- Everyone at their deepest roots are evil

Origin- William Golding got this idea from The Coral Island on how three boys worked together and succeeded to go home and became wiser at the same time. Golding thought this was unrealistic and instead wrote the darker version of the Coral Island which is Lord of the Flies.

Relation- From the beginning of the novel, the boys struggle with fear of the unknown. They fear what they cannot see, the parts of the island they haven’t explored, the mysterious beast, and of course, though they may not realize it at first, they fear the damage they may do to one another. All of these have some “unknown” element to them; they can’t see in the dark, they don’t know what’s on the island, they’re unsure of what the beast really is, and they’re ignorant of the depths of their own violent capabilities. Fear is part of what brings out the savage nature in the boys, the evil that Golding felt was part of all people. Fear is a reaction that tends to strip people of the ability to think and encourage destructive behaviour. Moreover, fear is what drives their decisions. Their fear of not being rescued drives them to create the signal fire. The fear of no food drives them to hunt and become hunters.etc.
Origin- the bombing caused the lives of approximately 3000 people. Destroying the world trade center and also part of the pentagon and closely the white house.
Relation- Fear is another driving force during 911. Fear drives the U.S. to attack Iraq and even lose more men and soldiers. It causes them to invest heavily into their own Homeland security . The massive reorganization of dozens of agencies into the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, creating the third largest cabinet office in the government after Defense and Veterans Affairs, was a response to the threat of terrorism, and to the fear provoked by 9/11. Together, federal and state homeland security agencies spend $75 billion per year on homeland security (the DHS spends $56b, of which $8 b is just for the Transportation Security Administration) . That is three times what was being spent previously, so let's only count the post/911 difference, $50b per year, and multiply times ten years.
Total additional government homeland security spending since 9/11 - $500 billion. They fear attack and the fear terrorist .
The Nazis symbol
Estimated Jewish population in countries throughout Europe before the Holocaust
Example 2
Fear plays a major part in the plot of the novel. For example...
Example 1
Furthermore, the boys killed Simon because they thought that he was the beast and they were afraid of the beast.
Example 3
Moreover, Ralph wanted to move the fire to the beach because he was afraid of "the beast" was at the top of the mountain.
Example 4
Finally, Jack used fear to make his tribe obey him and to force Sam and Eric to join his tribe.
Dark Event: The Great Plague
The epidemic that spread through the Kingdom of England between 1665 and 1666. This bubonic plague took 100,000 lives (which was 20% of London's pop.)
Necrophobia: Fear of death
Nosophobia: Fear of contracting a disease
This can be related to the story of how Jesus was executed even though he was innocent. When Jesus tried to bring good news of salvation to the people of Earth, the roman leaders and priests saw Jesus as a threat and were afraid that Jesus had the power to overthrow the roman’s authority
This can be related to Joseph Stalin's dictatorship over the Soviet Union (Russia). He killed thousands of people and forced millions of people into slave labour camps. Many people feared Stalin and did not dare to challenge his authority.
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