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Absolutism in France

No description

Harty WHAP

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Absolutism in France

Louis XIV aka Sun King
Louis XIV "tamed" the nobility.
Forced nobility to live within the Palace to keep an eye on them.
Used peasants who hated the nobles to align with king.
Social Contract
1. Man is not good.
2. Need a strong central gov't to keep order.
3. Without a strong ruler, society would break down.
4. Kings were justified in taking absolute power.
Divine Right- believed that God made them king.
Warm Up
Does absolute power corrupt a ruler? Explain your reason.
Create your Social Contract
1. What is your view on the nature of mankind? (good, bad, somewhere in the middle)
2. What kind of government do you need to control the people?
3. What kind of ruler do you need?
4. How will that ruler keep society in order?
50- quality of answers. 20- visually pleasing. 20- behavior during presentations. 10- group work.
Warm Up
Why did Hobbes support an absolute monarchy?
Peter the Great 1682-1725
Westernized Russia
Took control of Church, imported workers, and opened new schools.
Moved capital to St. Petersburg on Baltic coast.
Catherine the Great 1762-1796
Enlightened despot
Used Enlightenment ideals to rule
Gave nobles some rights
Won multiple wars during reign.
France's response to crisis
Setting the Stage
Religious wars in FR between the Huguenots and Catholics
Medici (IT Catholics) rule over FR and war
Inflation harming the poor.
Don't forget, we Medici were the first banking/mob family in Italy.
Henry of Navarre aka Henry IV (4th)
Became Catholic to keep Catholics happy.
"Paris is well worth a mass"
Edict of Nantes- Huguenots allowed to worship in peace.
Made French monarchy strong.
L'etat c'est moi
Begins Absolutism- he has absolute control over government.
Thomas Hobbes
**Make this detailed! Show me you thought/discussed every question.**
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