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Shagun And Brooklyn

A prezi about two amazing and selfless medal of honor recipients.

lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Shagun And Brooklyn

Common Traits
Born on October 17, 1947 at Watertown, New York
He was a captain
He fought in the Vietnam war
Gary saved about 60 - 70 men with a wounded back, and leg.
He was using a branch as crunth
He ran, crawled and manueverd his way to the wounded men. He would then drag the body about 40 - 50 metter to get to the safe zone
He was using one hand to fight off the enemy and the other to drag men.
He destroyed a base camp of the enemy even fetr being wounded.
Whenever he use to save a person he use to encourage them that they are going ot live.
When the helicopters came in Gary was battiling the enemy.
In the meantime the soliders were being loaded into the helicopter.
Sudenly a bullet hit the door gunner, gary heard it and saved him.
Clarence sasser
He was born on September 12 ,1947 in Chenango , TX
He was a Specialist 5 in the Army
He fought in the Vietnam War
He got the award ''For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty''
He was serving as a medical aidman
Sasser ran across an open rice paddy through a hail of fire to assist the wounded.
After helping one man to safety, was painfully wounded in the left shoulder by fragments of an exploding rocket.
After helping one man to safety, was painfully wounded in the left shoulder by fragments of an exploding rocket.
He ended up getted shot in his legs and he wasnt able to move them so then he decided to risk his life by crawling to help injured soldiers 200 meters away
(Clarence Sasser) was born in Chenango, Texas
His rank was Specialist 5
He served for one year.
He was awarded on March 7th, 1969
President Nixon selected him.
Shagun Mishra and brooklyn mcdonald
They both fought in the Vietnam War
They were both a part of U.S. Army
They both served as combat medics during the war.
They both were drafted.
They both are currently alive.
They both were born inthe year 1947.
( Gary Rose) was born in Watertown, New York
His rank was captain
He served 20 years
He was awarded on October 23rd, 2017
President Trump awarded him.
Gary M Rose
"Your job [as a combat medic] is to maintain the person’s life, to keep them out of shock ... You’ve got to talk to the person. You’ve got to convince them that they’re going to be fine ... even in the chaos of battle."
Retired Capt. Gary M. Rose
"Regardless of whether or not I had medical supplies or not, regardless of whether or not I was hurt. If he called, and I possibly could, I went."
- Clarence Sasser
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Valor means courage in face of danger which Gary M Rose showed by being brave enough to save people during such intense fire.He had to crawl to be safe from the fire.
Selflessness is defined as "concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own." Gary M rose represented that by risking his own life every time he left the safe zone to save his soldiers. Even though he had a wounded back and leg, he kept going not even once looking at his wounds.When all the soldiers had been brought to base, he wanted everybody else to be treated before him.
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