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rocket stove

No description

sarah alabsi

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of rocket stove

rocket stove !
what is rocket stove ?
A rocket stove is a cooking stove using small amount of wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature It ensures complete combustion of the arrival of the flame to the surface also the design won ashden awards in both 2005 and 2006
Who invented the rocket stove ?
The rocket stove was invented by Dr. Winiarski of the Aprovecho Research Centre, and it’s a non profit institution to develop appropriate technology solutions for cooking in the developing world .

why they invented rocket stove ?
they invented the rocket stove to reduce the smoke and pneumonia also cataracts. Moreover it use a very small amount of fuel and the main reason for the invention of the rocket stove is to help the poor.
When they invented rocket stove ?
Dr. Larry Winiarski invented the rocket stove in 1982 working with Aprovecho a corporation based in Oregon .
Where they use rocket stove ?
The rocket stove project is working with local businesses, relief and development organizations in a number of countries, such as Kenya, Haiti, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Mozambique to distribute rocket stoves.
What does rocket stove replace ?
The benefit of the rocket stove ?
The rocket stove does replace older conventional stoves that are smoky and inefficient.
The mean reason of the rocket stove are economical, social, and environmental. Produce economic benefits and its save time , money and fuel more over its Reduce deforestation It's also improved the air in the closed places.
Difficulties, dangers associated with the rocket stove ?
The only problem in the rocket stove is its reliance on disposable gas canisters .
The future of rocket stove :
On the campus of Humboldt State University the students and touring and learning center for the design, function and the need to improve fuel stoves all over the world.
Alternative locations of rocket stove ?
The alternative location of rocket stove it can be Brazil, Australia, Canada , USA and Russia because those countries are famous for wood
rocket stove
rocket stove
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