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Tuesdays with Morrie

No description

Anishia Sanoubane

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of Tuesdays with Morrie

TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE BY: MITCH ALBOM The Thirteenth Tuesday Plot Summary The Perfect Day Themes Conflicts Purpose of Chapter Flashback Possible Essay Topics The Fourteenth Tuesday We say good-bye Mood Conflicts Possible Topics The Graduation Plot Summary Purpose of Chapter -Morrie talks with Mitch and the rabbi, Al Axelrad about how he wants to be cremated when he dies( burnt to ashes )

- Morrie’s violent spells at night had been getting worse and even after the nurses got him breathing normally again, the attacks would leave him exhausted for the whole next day

-One of his attacks was recently the worse one yet and left him thinking that he was about to die. It gave him an fascinating feeling, being at peace and accepting death

-Morrie tells of how humans think of themselves as creatures above nature when they are not because everything eventually dies. Then he tells of how humans are better than creatures in nature because humans are able to love each other and make memories with each other

-Apparently, there was a treatment in progress for ALS which would be able to delay the effects of ALS, allowing the victim to have a few more months

-Mitch asks Morrie, what he would do if he had twenty four hours while being perfectly healthy and Morrie’s perfect day was simple. It involved getting up early to exercise, have a nice breakfast, have friends over for lunch to talk, going for a walk to appreciate nature, an average dinner and night time dancing

-Before Mitch leaves that day, Morrie brings up the topic of how Mitch’s brother was doing. Mitch lets out his emotions, relating to why his brother wouldn’t want to see him and Morrie gives Mitch some consolation & insight towards relationships with friends and family The thirteenth chapter’s purpose is to show that Morrie’s time is almost up, as his condition gets worse as time passes. Also this chapter is significant as it shows the growth of Mitch as he slowly learns to accept that his favorite professor’s death is advancing. Mitch’s attitude shows that he doesn’t want Morrie to die but at the same time, he knows that he cannot do anything about it but keep Morrie company until his time passes up. This chapter is also a lesson to Mitch from Morrie as he tells about the effect that business/jobs has on people and how it can ruin relationships, as he relates this to the relationship with Mitch and his brother, Peter. Man Vs Fate
(Morrie vs. ALS) (Mitch vs. Morrie’s Fate) The flashback is about a story that Morrie had heard about and it’s about a wave in the ocean that had noticed the waves in front of him, crashing into the shore and was scared of itself, crashing. Another wave comes and tells the wave that it’s not just a wave but a part of the ocean itself. This story is meant to show that even after death, you remain in the hearts of the people around you and their memories. Characterization * Morrie died on Saturday

* Relatives and family where there with him, sleeping in shifts to have someone always by his side

* Morrie went into a coma two days after Mitch's last visit

* Despite the doctors analysis, Morrie held on for one last day

* While everyone went to get coffee, Morrie stopped breathing * The chapter explains how Morrie died and his funeral

* Gives us Mitch's thoughts and feelings on Morrie's passing Setting * Morrie's home

* Morrie's funeral Themes Topics The significance of an individual's attempt to live unconstrained by convention or circumstance?

An individual's responses to circumstances that compel them? Plot Summary -The final Tuesday Mitch and Morrie meet

-Mitch and Connie have a quick conversation about how unfortunate the predicament is, especially because of how kind and sweet Morrie is

-Mitch finds Morrie lying in bed, (When you’re in bed, you’re dead) and they talk about how much they care for each other, and that they love each other. Characterization -Morrie

Weak, fragile, victorious


More aware of his surroundings, human Themes Conflicts -Man vs self, man vs nature Quotations -“I took in the little details, things [Mitch] hadn’t noticed for all the times [he] visited. The cut of the hill. The stone façade of the house. The pachysandra plants, the low shrubs.” Pg 181

* “[Mitch] helped [Charlotte] straighten up, noticing all the bottles of pills, lined up on the table, a small army of brown plastic soldiers with white caps.” Pg 182

* “[Mitch] put the food [he] had brought with [him] into the refrigerator… [he] apologized to Charlotte for bringing it. Morrie hadn’t chewed food…in months [they] both knew that, but it had become a small tradition. Sometimes, when you’re losing someone, you hold onto whatever tradition you can.” Pg 182 (Mitch trying to hold onto Morrie)

* “When you’re in bed, you’re dead.” (Ran through Mitch’s mind when He saw that Morrie was in his room instead of the study) pg 183

* “[Mitch] blinked back the tears, and [Morrie} smacked his lips together and raise his eyebrows at the sight of my face. [Mitch] like(s) to think it was a fleeting moment of satisfaction for [his] dear old professor: He had finally made [Mitch] cry.” Pg 186 Mood/Atmosphere Themes/Topics Essay topics

* Powerful Emotion?

* An individual’s knowledge and acceptance of death

* An individual’s ability to communicate, even in dire situations The Conclusion Plot Summary * Mitch looks back at himself from before he revisited Morrie

* Mitch is able to get into contact with his brother

* The book is said to be Morrie’s idea and would be their final thesis.

* After Morrie’s death Mitch looks through his old collage materal. Purpose of the Chapter * To bring an end to the book and to inform about the creation of the book. Topics * The significance of memories of the past Conflict No conflict -Death
“... I had a terrible spell. It went on for hours, And I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it. No breath. No end to choking. At one point, I started to get dizzy...and then I felt a certain peace, I felt that I was ready to go.” Pg. 172

“Mitch, it was a most incredible feeling. The sensation of accepting what was happening, being at peace. I was thinking about a dream I had last week, where I was crossing a bridge into something unknown. Being ready to move on to whatever is next.” Pg. 172-173

“It’s not contagious, you know. Death is as natural as life. It’s part of the deal we made.” Pg. 172

“ As long as we can love each other, and remember the feeling of love we had, we can die without ever really going away. All the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on – in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtures while you were here” Pg. 174

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Pg. 174

“That’s what we’re all looking for. A certain peace with the idea of dying. If we known in the end, that we can ultimately have that peace with dying, then we can finally do the really hard thing.” Pg. 173

“Make peace with living” pg. 173 - Powerful emotion?

- An individual's response to threatening forces?

- What is revealed through an individual's responses through hardship Tuesdays with Morrie (1999) - Last scene Death


Compassion Somber


Despairing Happiness


Death THE END - CLAP CLAP - As Morrie hears the news of the developing treatment for ALS, he quickly disregards it without any thoughts or hesitation. This shows that Morrie is realistic when it comes to his disease. He knew that his death was imminent and unavoidable so rather than be stressful about it, he accepts his fate peacefully.

As we learn about Morrie’s vision of a perfect day, we shouldn’t see him as a “simple” person but rather a “perceptive” person as he is able to find the joy in the small things in life

When we look at Morrie’s imminent death and Mitch’s attitude towards it, we see Mitch as an accepting person as he accepts the fact that Morrie will die, no matter what and is able to recover from it and live his life When discussing Morrie’s passing, Mitch said "I believe he knew that he was in his own bed, that his books and his notes and his small hibiscus plant were nearby. He wanted to go serenely, and that's how he went."
* The funeral was held with close friends and family.

* Morrie's brother, David, covered Morrie's grave with dirt.

* Morrie's resting place was where he had wanted it to be, on a sloping hill near trees and a pond. "'You talk, I'll listen' he had said.

I tried doing that in my head and, to my happiness, found that the imagined conversation felt almost natural." Morrie's funeral was on a Tuesday [Pg. 188] Pg. 187
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