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Digital Portfolio

Computer Arts 2011-2012

jasmin zarineh

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Digital Portfolio

Portfolio You have 10 min to explore the Prezi website. And one more thing... Let's get started Go to www.prezi.com
in the Explore section A Digital Portfolio, is refferred to as a multimedia portfolio, electronic portfolio, e-folios which contain student work.
A portfolio is a goal-driven, organised collection of artefacts and reflections that demonstrate a growth or expansion of knowledge and skills overtime.
An essential element of a portfolio is to show evidence of an individual's growth and development.
Digital portfolios are one of the best ways for students to communicate their knowledge and expertise related to their use of technology PREZI What is a Digital Portfolio? What should your Digital Portfolio contain? What program are we going to use to create our digital portfolio's? Computer Arts 2011-2012 Tutorials
Fao Poster
Pop Art
Logo Design
Letterhead & envelope design
CD design
Tshirt Design
Digital Story Telling
Yearbook layout Vintage T-Shirt Design My design was inspired by my passion
for photography. I thought that by using
a vintage camera in the design.....etc.... Open your Artbooks, take notes and remember to leave
the first page blank for the title page. EXAMPLE description Step 1 Open the Tdrive, open the Computer Arts file go to your dropbox and create a new folder named PREZI.
In the new folder, save all of your Photoshop projects in "jpg" format. (remember to include your Digital Story as well) Step 2 Write at least a four
sentence description for
each project and tutorial
on a word document. Step 3 Plan and sketch in
the artbook your Prezi and get ideas! Reminder Don't be absent
on Wednesday because
we will learn
how Prezi works :)
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