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Carlin Ober

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Relationships

Causes of Stress
The Response
Men and Women react differently to stress
The Many Faces of Stress Study
166 married couples keeping a daily diary stressors
Wives: 5% more than husbands
Reference List
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By: Carlin, Daniella, Meesha, and Rebekah
Definition: the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected
There are three types that I will talk about
Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Modern Relationships
Who is in a relationship?

Who is in a long distance relationship?
Shows the commitment between a man and woman
Not like marriage, but building block
Your qualities complement each other
Common interests
Relatedness or connection by marriage or adoption
Combination of behaviors, feelings, and expectations
Texting instead of calling
Social Network
Traditional marriage
Mixed couples
Gay and Lesbian couples
Older and younger
Long Distance Relationships
Hard work and dedication
More than 2 million in U.S.
3% married couples
Four tips for a healthy and successful LDR
1. Use technology
2. Keep the lines of communication open
3. Know when you'll see each other next
4. Trust each other
Remember that your loved one is not acting this way on purpose
Speak calmly
If aggressive behavior, back away DO NOT ARGUE
Do no let anger,irritation and stress show
Respond calmly and in a reassuring way
Look to additional assistance
There are three different types of stress, all of which carry physical and mental health risks
Routine stress
Stress brought on by negative change
Traumatic stress
Pressures of work, family, and responsibilities
Losing a job, divorce, or illness
Major event, war, assault, or natural disaster where one may be seriously hurt or in danger of being killed
How do these relate to relationships?

Chronic diseases that are caused by stress include:
Heart disease (24.6%), Cancer (23.3%), Lower respiratory disease (5.6%), Stroke (5.3%), Accidents (4.8%), Alzheimer’s disease (3.2%), Diabetes (2.8%), Flu & pneumonia (2.2%), Kidney disease (2%), Suicide (1.5%)

Questioning the relationship
Do I have equal power here?
Does my partner like me or not?
Is this a safe place?
Will this really last?
So, how can you eliminate the stress?

Recognize when you are becoming stressed
Take a moment to calm down
Never go to sleep angry
UMass Amherst study
Negative emotional responses the response is reduced if you stay awake afterward
Look for the humor
Be willing to compromise
Agree to disagree
Exercise and find mutually liked activities
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