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Talent Transfer

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Roy Blakely

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Talent Transfer

Developing Potential
Through Talent
Transfer. Multi-Sport Our Plan Talent
Transfer Nerves of Steel Previous Examples of Multi-Sport Pitch 2 Podium Girls 4 Gold What is a Multi-Sports approach? The Future Organizations
with similar methods Program Plan Barcelona Ajax What Is Talent Transfer Aims Methodology Strong network with professional teams
Unlimited access to there facilities & youth squads
Implement I.D.P
Have high emphasis on the Multi-sport approach
Draft in external coaches for other sporting backgrounds
Coaching Opportunities
Organise regular trips to gymnastics and martial arts clubs. Self Regulation Pilot Pre-Season Camps Progression Incorporated into full season training Legacy The U.K philosophy of football Pilot Progression Legacy Pre-Season training Incorporated into full season training The S.F.A Philosophy Individual Development Program Networking & Marketing Individual Skills Coaching The Barca Way "We train the youngsters to be good people with a healthy lifestyle and help them be happy with their way of life. It's very important to us that the boys have respect for themselves and towards others.They have to be good people, like gentlemen." (Albert Capellas, the club's senior youth coordinator) The Catalan Philosophy Our Catalan castles always have a strong base. You need to have everyone in the right position, and you can't get someone to the top of the castle without the correct foundations. But you must always have a strong base because without that you have nothing. It will enable an athlete to gain new skills through other sports whilst currently playing in their primary sport.

The sports we will be focusing on are: gymnastics and mixed martial arts as we feel these sports will develop the potential in a young footballer the best. Set up workshops for local authorities to attend.
Contact and develop relationships with youth academies.
Brief organisation on the framework. Facilities Use youth academy facilities and equipment.
Develop facilities to accommodate the incorporation of new sports such as: Gymnastics & Martial Arts.
Organise trips to local, national and international clubs to develop skills within these sports. Participants Arrange pick up points for buses to take kids from school and their homes to training.
Incorporate the multi-sports within their training program.
Have specific coaches that specialize in gymnastics & martial arts.
At least 1 hour per day on one of these two multi-sports.
Regular fitness testing to track holistic development. Speed










Mental & Social Skills Self Regulation What is nerves of steel
Back in 2004, the Australian Institute of Sport invested in a scientific experiment to create an Olympic champion, virtually from scratch in the sport of skeleton. A team of sports physiologists handpicked four elite athletes – a sprinter, a surfer, a gymnast and an all-round athlete.

In 2002 the sport of skeleton was re-introduced as an olympic sport and as of 2002 there were a very low amount of competetors in the sport, especially in the female category.There were approximately 100 registered female skeleton racers in the world, only half of whom had experience at the World Cup level. Given the low number of competitors, the scientists at the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport saw the re-introduction of skeleton to the Olympic Games as a unique opportunity to break into, and make an impact in the sport at the international level, within a relatively short time period.

The scientists then got to work to identify the characteristics required for a gold medal winning skeleton run. They found that a large proportion of the variability in finish time at World Cup races could be attributed to the athletes start time.

After this there was a number of tests and trials held to try and determine who werethe best athletes to take on this enormous challenge. During the 7 month selection process 67 hopefuls were whittled down to 4 national team members based on a variety of physical aptitude tests, sport specific skill assessments, and subjective evaluations. These athletes then received World Class coaching and sport science / medicine support as part of a carefully planned training and competition program, with the major goal of achieving Olympic selection and success.

the four competetors were ;

Emma Lincoln-Smith
Michelle Steele
Melissa Hoar
Bindee Johnston

eventually The team qualified one athlete to compete in the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games, and she placed 13th. What is pitch 2 podium
Pitch2Podium is an exciting talent transfer programme created by the UK Talent Team

The aim of the programme is to provide young football and rugby players who have been unsuccessful in securing a professional contract, with a second chance opportunity to succeed in a new Olympic sport.

There are already several high profile cases of athletes successfully transferring from one sport to another, including:

Darren Campbell: Having played for Plymouth Argyle, returned to athletics in 1995 going on to win Olympic gold.

Kévin Sireau: a French youth football player who swapped to track cycling and won an Olympic silver medal in Beijing.

David Price: released by Liverpool FC and switched his efforts to boxing, going on to win Olympic bronze.

Sir Steve Redgrave: Britain’s greatest ever Olympian profited from an early involvement in rugby before turning to rowing. What Is Girls4 Gold Examples Shelley Rudman: a former track hurdler, who won a silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in bob skeleton, less than four years after trying the sport for the first time aged 21.

Annie Vernon and Anna Bebington: rowing medallists at the 2008 Olympic Games, five years after being selected through a talent identification scheme (The GB Rowing team’s World Class Start Programme, sponsored by Siemens) aged 20 and 19, respectively.

Rebecca Romero: a former medal winning Olympic rower who transferred to the sport of track cycling aged 26 and became Olympic Champion in 2008, less than three years after taking up the sport

Victoria Williamson: former uk champion at hurdles and also the pentathelon who transfered to the sport of cycling after Emma Pooley gave a speech about cycling at her school. Victoria williamson The Future "Using a mixed sport program to help develop football is a good idea . . . I am interested and like the idea."

Stewart Regan, Chief Executive of the SFA. The Future Individual Development Program Multi-Sports Self Regulation Self Regulation Knowing your Role members of the team Emma Lincoln-Smith, a 20-year-old surfer and former national junior beach sprint championall-round athlete who works as an athletic and swimming coach. She’s ranked at number two in the Australian skeleton squad.

Michelle Steele, a surf-lifesaver from Bundaberg, Queensland. This To remain in the squad, Se is a former gymnast and gave up a university degree to be part of the team.

Bindee Johnston is a 30-year-old* Townsville rehabilitation case manager who was fourth at the 2004 Olympic trials in the 100 metre sprint and third in the 200 metre sprint eventattempting her fourth Olympic selection, but for the first time in skeleton.

Melissa Hoar, an experienced surfer from the New South Wales south coast who has a degree in human movement. After only three months of sliding, this former open women’s beach flags champion was fourth in the skeleton world championships qualifier. Psycho, Socio & Bio Within a Sport NuGen Talent Transfer Multi-Sport Approach Create a Formal Plan within football.
Aimed at Youth Academies in Scotland.
Using Multi-Sport Talent Transfer Within a sport.
Players & Coaches
Never been done before in the UK. talent transfer can occur in two main ways either when an athlete ceases or reduces their involvement in a sport in which they have invested significant time, hard work, and resources, and concentrates their efforts on a sport that is new to them, but involves similar movement skills, physiological requirements, and/or tactical components to their earlier sport.

This is one example of talent transfer however we aim to use multi sport - talent transfer which is when an athlete uses skills gained from secondary sport to benefit there main sport. The sport we will focus on is football and will aim to introduce this in Scotland's youth footballing academy's. A plan similar to our approach is the one in The Netherlands with Ajax Amsterdam. Ajax 3 V Man City 1 £1.3m £174m "He paid a lot of attention to gymnastic exercises, using training sessions to improve our coordination & flexibility. Hours would go past and we still hadn't touched a ball, yet somehow it helped us to be more skillful." Krylya's Captain Viktor Karpov talking about Alexandra Kuzmich (1943) 1.Running (Speed) Psycho motor (biomechanics)
2.Power (Strength)Psycho motor (biomechanics)
3.Shooting (Accuracy) Psycho motor (biomechanics)
4.Plyometric (Jumping) Psycho motor (biomechanics)
5.Goal Keeper Psycho motor (biomechanics)
6.Passing Psycho motor (biomechanics)
7.Mixed sports Psycho motor (biomechanics)
8.Nutrition Psycho behavioural, Sociological
9.Education Psycho behavioural, Sociological
10.Mental & Social Skills Psycho behavioural, Sociological Some examples of the sports which could be used to improve a players performance in their main sport would be;
Gymnastics for Diving

Squash for Basketball

"I completely agree with you on your program and I am quite interested to see your presentation when you have finished submitting and would be happy to help if you need information."

Beth MacLeod, Lead Manager at Sport Scotland Barcelona One of the most successful clubs in the world.

12 of current first team are graduates of their youth set-up.

7 players started World Cup Final 2010.

Lionel Messi - greatest ever player?
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