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Laura Nunnelley

on 23 April 2014

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The Road Ahead
High School
I was very involved in sports and I was an Ambassador for the school.

This Ambassador position required me to recruit and give tours of the school. Very much of a professional/managerial position that developed my work ethics.

Sacred Heart Academy encouraged us to be the best we could be.
For me that was in academics, golf and graphic design.

Attending an all-girls Catholic school very high on values, morals and standards making me a very well rounded person.
My campus involvement has been:
Resident Assistant
From there, the National Residents Hall Honorary
Computer Information Systems REACH Tutor
Treasurer of the Student Marketing Association
Secretary of Integrated Communications
Cardinal Host in the Office of the President
Campus Involvement Chair in my Sorority
...to name the most important ones.

Thus showing my range of involvement and the imaginable number of people I encounter.
The Past 5-7 years…
...define who I was, who I am and who I hope to be.

The main transition through these years was between high school and college.

That’s where I felt free to find myself.
High School
Besides my extracurricular activities, my personal self was much different.

I was very introverted. Looking back, I believe that was my way to insure I stayed on task with everything I was doing.
High School
Since the 6th grade, my plan was to play golf for Bellarmine.

I greatly enjoy the sport. I was on golf teams and in may tournaments through grade school and high school.

Over the years being on Bellarmine's campus for golf practice and other academic events, I felt like I had enough of the campus.

I felt use to it and over it before I even graduated high school. By then I had also veered away from golf.
High School
Sacred Heart exposed me to the world of graphic design.

That is where I thought my college career path was going.

It was not until a teacher introduced me to SHA's only business class: marketing.

He had me apply to a Business and Accounting camp- I was accepted.
It was a week program of talking to the leaders of the big businesses around town, staying at Bellarmine.

I had close relations with the teachers I had at Sacred Heart. and that is how I began trusting people.
When they would request me to do things, seeing and acknowledging my potential, I fully invest myself.
This also helped me in taking advice and trusting those around me.
Heading off to college was like entering into a new world!

All of my friends and family had left Louisville to attend different colleges.

I did not want to follow.

Because of my business connections in the city and because I am a business major it made sense to attend the University of Louisville.
My goals for college were simple.

I would go through sorority rush- to move in early and meet people.
Even though they did not have the sorority I am legacy of, I kept an open mind.

I created a goal to meet as many people as possible.
Therefore I got involved in many RSOs.
Being Greek greatly helped me achieve my goals.

Everywhere I go I know someone.
People always comment that, even on the walks to class, I seem to know everyone.

Unlike high school, I was doing everything and meeting everyone that came my way.

I became part of many groups on campus.

Academics had never been an issue for me so I felt I had everything balanced.
There became a point where I began feeling like I was spreading myself too thin.

Jumping between groups of friends and RSOs is not always easy to manage.
I had reached a point of overload when balencing everyone was not giving enough time to others, and these others were letting me know.
It made me realize friends should be based more around quality than quantity.
I focused on RSOs that would help me advance and focused on my closest friends.

I had the best time on my life!
One thing I carried on from high school was my relations with my teachers.

I always tell people that if you lined up all my teachers over these past four years of college, not only could they tell you my name but also different things about me.
The relations with my teachers has helped me in many ways.

The REACH tutor position followed CIS classes I took one summer from professor Kendra. Scoring the highest on his final 300 exam in the 3 years he had given it, prompted him to request i apply for the position. So I tried it.

Professor Faulds recommended me for the job I currently have with uHAPS Media, which I was promoted in only after a month of work. Go-Getter.

Buddy LaForge and Dr. Fiet are both helping me advance myself with my initial career goal working for Brown-Forman. They have put me in contact with very insightful B-F employees.

I reiterate that when people see my potential and request I try things, I go at it full force.
Knowing so many people has helped me gain my high confidence level and has made me much more an extrovert.

I have learned how to balance my friends and activities so I do not spread myself too thin.

Of all the groups I was in on campus. I decided to pick ones as my niche and make an impact in them by holding positions.

With all the experiences and relationships I have built, I am now applying it all into expanding my career path.
Similar to my break down of RSOs, I did the same with friends.

I have groups of my closest friends I always run with and those from my first few years I stay in touch with. RSOs and Greek activities have made this all possible

Friendship are one of the most important aspects in my life. I don’t mean the number count on Facebook, but the lasting relationships built everyday.
I have learned a lot from my friends.

My friend Nick inspires me to be a go-getter. It is too often we are presented with an opportunity that we over look. But Nick takes advantage of everything that comes his way and why not? It is amazing what you can learn from experiences, especially trying something new.

My friend Bill calls me a pusher- he says it’s a good thing because I am always encouraging him to go out and do things. I just want everyone to be happy and get the most out of life.

Things have happened in my life that makes me want to take full advantage of my days and friendships. That is why I learn from my friends and encourage them. It brings us closer and makes me stronger.
Next 4 years…
I hope to be or at least on my way to being married!

It is an exciting mystery to know who is going to be my best friend who I get to spend the rest of my life with.

I am sure by then I will have a steady job and be all settled in my house; stable and ready for anything or anyone that will come my way.
Next month…
I will be:

So anxious excited!!

Deciding on a job offer I have with uHAPS Media.
It requires moving to Lexington.
I am unsure if I want to because of family and job opportunities in Louisville.

I plan on traveling to Canada to see some old friends right after graduation.
This year..
I plan to either take the promotion with uHAPS and move to Lexington
Remain in Louisville with the current position I have with uHAPS, while I continue my job search and enjoy myself and time with friends.
Next 2 years…
I hope to have made career decisions towards uHAPS and be successfully advancing.
Or even obtain a job opportunity I am currently unaware of.

I also plan on buying a house!
Next 6/7 years…
I hope to have a couple kids.

With a steady family life I was raised in and with all of the opportunities I have had, I do not worry and put time limits on my life. I know I will get where I need to be.
Next years…
Once my family and job is all established and we are in good financial standing to do so, I hope to design and build my own home.

I would love to travel to unique and rarely traveled destinations. I want to see what few have seen.

Maybe even be an entrepreneur. I dream like one.

But mostly spend each day with the love of my life and our family.
Laura Nunnelley
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