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Timeline of Explorers

No description

lilly mcdonald

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Timeline of Explorers

Timeline of Explorers
By Lilly McDonald
Christopher Columbus
John Cabot
John Cabot sailed in 1497. John Cabot sailed to copete with other Eurepeon nations for land and wealth. John Cabot claimed land for England on June 24th, by sailing west.
Amerigo Vesspucci
Ponce De Leon
Ponce de Leon sailed in 1513. He sailed so he could find the "fountain of youth" in Bimini. But instead of finding the fountain of youth, he found Florida and was the first explorer to explorer to set foot in North America.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Vasco Nunez de Balboa also sailed in 1513. He didnt sail on purpose he ran away. He owed people money and ran away. Balboa was a bad guy. But the good thing was that Balboa found the Pacific Ocean. The best part was, he got his head chopped off.

Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492. He wanted to sail because he thought there was a way to reach Asia by sailing west across the ocean. He accoplished to find land by sailing west.
Amerigo Vespucci sailed in 1499. Amerigo sailed to prove if Columbus and Cabot really found Asia
Fredinand Magellan
Magellan sailed in in 1519. He tried finding a western route to Asia. But instead, Magellan was the first explorer to sail around the world.

Giovanni De Verrazano

Giovanni sailed in 1524. He wanted to find the Northwest passage and get rich. But Giovanni actually found Native Aericans and brought back information.
Francisco Pizzaro
Pizzaro sailed in 1531. He wanted to spread Religion to the Incas. Instead, he became the Inca Empire. Also he took over the lands.
Jacques Cartier
Cartier sailed in 1531. He was looking for the Northwest passage. And he wanted riches. Instead, he brought back information about land and claimed land for France.
Hernando De Soto
De Soto sailed in 1539. He was looking for the seven cities of gold. But De Soto discovered the Mississippi river and claimed land for Spain.
Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
Coronado sailed in 1540. He wanted to find the seven cities of gold. Coronado explored lands that are now Southwestern parts of the United States. And claimed land for spain.
Henry Hudson
Henry sailed in 1608. He wanted to find the Northwest passage. He claimed the Hudson river valley for the Dutch and the Hudson bay for the English.
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