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Subway Presentation

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Raleigh Wheeler

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Subway Presentation

Subway Brand
Consumer Perception
By: Jordan Brooks
Derek Konzelman
David Stryzheus
Raleigh Wheeler Started by Fred Deluca in Connecticut in 1965 Company was started with a $1000 loan Now the largest international sandwich franchise Franchising a Subway is relatively easy and inexpensive Franchises 22,000 different locations in 78 countries Main competition is Quiznos and other fast food Appeals to health conscious consumers Limitations Subway is a popular brand in consumers mind Saturation of advertising Sample was generally younger and college students Sample size was small Sample size was not random Methods Sample group is composed of:

7 University students
Age range 18-25
Familiarity with Subway

1. Introduce the study and the research team

2. Instruct Sample Group -
Conduct Study: Elicitation and Brand Map

3. Aggregate the data
• Fresh
• Healthy
• Delicious
• Unique smell
• Refreshing
• Inexpensive
• Affordable
• Lines of ppl
• Jared
• Diet
• 5 dollar footlong
• Annoying jingle
• Variety
• Customization
• Toasted
• Specials
• Yellow and green
• Franchising
• Options
• Quick
• Clean
• Economical
• Friendly
• Consistency
• Baked
• Convenient
• Process
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