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Miss Representation

Overview and Reflection(Teach-Back)

Megan Ross

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Miss Representation

Brief Overview and Reflection MISS REPRESENTATION
SCREENING Movies and the effect towards youth • As a society we are measuring ourselves up to an impossible standard
• girls and boys developing a gender bias
• girls are developing insecurities very early on in life, that lead to having a higher chance of developing food disorders, and lack of confidence etc.
• the value and worth of somebody seems now dictated by image Women In Politics • was quite a major area of topic within the movie
• 17% of Congress is women
• women are questioned largely on their position in authoritative roles
e.g Hillary Clinton is an example of somebody that has taken many hits and jokes on being a woman in politics
• Women shying away from these roles as they do not want to have to deal with being scrutinized Overview • The documentary discusses specifically how women are represented in the media
• People are constantly exposed to the media on a daily basis whether it's magazines, television, films etc.
• The false representations of women within the media have developed unrealistic expectations Sexual Assault • although the documentary discusses many of the elements that contribute to the subordination of women, media has been a major contribution to sexual assault incidences
• Pornography is a major source that contribute to these set ideologies
• It can be extremely demeaning to women, makes them seem vulnerable and helpless which translates into real life • Disney movies are a perfect example of portraying women and men in the stereotypical roles
• women are portrayed as the damsal in distress and men as the hero
• even when the women has an opportunity for the hero role she acts out a stereotypical man
• in most cases the goal for these characters is to capture the eye of a man Problem Solving... Brainstorm! • this is a problem that will be very hard to fix, but if it starts changing little by little a difference can be made
• it's important now that everybody has an understanding of media literacy, to understand that what is demonstrated is not real, it is fiction
• this is something now that needs to be incorporated into everyday education For those that may have not seen before! • Tough Guise is a documentary that focuses on the social construction of male identities
• an attached clip is below
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