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Sidney Crosby

No description

J Mende

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Sidney Crosby

The Stanley Cup
Sidney Crosby plays on the Pittsburgh Penguins. With the Penguins in 2009 he won the Stanley Cup. They were against the Detroit Red Wings. They won 4 games to 3. Crosby got 3 points.
Growing Up
Sidney Crosby was born in Cole Harbor Nova Scotia on August 7 1987. He loved the Montreal Canadiens. His father was a goalie on the Canadiens. His favourite player was Steve Yzerman. He spent hours shooting pucks into the family clothes dryer which is now covered with dents.
World Junior
Hockey Championship 2004
Crosby played in the 2004 World Juniors. That year Canada won silver losing to U.S.A in the gold medal game. He became the youngest player ever to score in the World Juniors. Crosby played 6 games with 5 points.
World Junior
Hockey Championship 2005
In the 2005 Juniors, Crosby played in his 2nd World Juniors. Canada played in gold medal game against Russia and won gold!! Crosby got 9 points in 6 games. Crosby played 6 out 6 games that Canada played.
Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Crosby played in the Olympics in 2010. That year the Olympics were in Vancouver, Canada. He scored to win the gold medal against the U.S.A. in overtime. Jarome Iginla passed to Crosby and he was falling down.
The Golden Goal
Sidney Crosby
Sochi 2014 Olympics
Sochi Olympics
Crosby scored only 1 goal and that was in the gold medal game to put Canada up 2-0 over Sweden. He got 4 points in total. He was the Captain for team Canada.
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