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Was the united states justified in going to war with mexico?

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Evan Malcolm

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Was the united states justified in going to war with mexico?

Reason 1:
Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny means obvious fate. Also Manifest Destiny was our god given right to expand. Also the US joined the war because the Mexicans provoked the war by killing Americans. Another way is that Mexico had a bad government. With a bad government you can't properly own a state.

Reason 3:
Texas wanted to be annexed to the US. The only problem was that Texas wanted to be a slave state so the northerners denied that request because it would upset the balence between slave states and free states. Texas wasn't annexed until California said it would be a free
state. Also America tried to buy Texas.

Was the United States was Justified to go to war?The US was justified to go to war because of many mixed relationships between Mexico and the US. The US wanted Texas to help complete the idea of Manifest Destiny. Also Mexico wasn't fit to govern Texas. Other reason is that the US and Mexico had different ways on how the Economy would be like. These conflicts lead to the Mexican-American War.
Was the united states justified in going to war with Mexico?
Reason 2:
Mexico was not fit for Texas
Mexico wasn't fit for Texas because the Mexicans killed Americans on disputed territory. The Americans were mad that American blood was shed on "American Soil". Also the Americans said that it was their duty to extend our protection over her citizens and soil. Another way was that Mexico denied $10 million dollars from the US for Texas. So Polk said that the Mexicans brought this on themselves. Also this was bound to happen.
In conclusion the Americans were justified to got to war with Mexico. Many conflicts upset the Mexicans and the Americans like Manifest Destiny, also Mexico wasn't fit to govern Texas. If America didn't go to war with Mexico then the western land known as the United States of America would still be apart of Mexico.

The US wasn't justified to go to war

The Mexicans said that Polk used propaganda in his war letter to congress. He told some truths why there should be a war. But his also told lies about the Mexicans.

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