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on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of NAIL ART DESIGN

You'll find here some revues of the most famous nail polishes
A little introduction to present you the nail art design, which is very famous since a while. I'll present you some models that I've made thanks to Internet and a little creativity, then I'll give you some tips and the material required to do it. I would like to share this with you, because for me, it's a kind of passion & I hope that you'll enjoy this Prezi. Let's go !
Essie is an American brand (from New York) . It's a really good mark of nail polish with 150 colors. I recommend it. Its application is so easy, and colors are wonderful !! But for a price a little bit high : 12€
Here there is, the advent calendar for the Christmas of 2013, filled of 21 mini nail polishes for 45€. It worth it, knowing that 1 Ciaté = 12€
Manicure kit : 2 nail polishes + 4 chalks. With this kit, you can draw on your nails what ever you want according to your imagination ! I bought it, & I can tell you that it's a good way to make his nail art easily, even if you're amateur
Chalkboard Manicure
Photo taken from Sephora.fr
Advent Calendar
Ciaté is a very famous brand of nail polish, coming from London. Its node distinguishes from the other
Caviar Manicure
A very chic manicure, excellent for a party ! You just have to put the beads on the varnish not dry.
Kiko is an excellent brand ! No expensive (3.90€ unity) and the texture and application is great ! I really recommend those Nail polishes !
Used to make specific grounds, fine curves. It's useful for finishing touch. You need to be precise to do it.
More thick, to make thick curves or used to filling
The Square flat brush
Used to make patterns (petals, heart). To do that, you need to take the paintbrush upon its edge
The fan brush

Used to put spangles on your nail, after the 1st coat is dry.
The dotting tool
Used to make points or mini petals, permits to mix colors on your nail
The Liner Brushes
This model is taken from Instagram. I made it on 30min for both hands (on the right)
Created by me. Only reproduce the leopard effect. Almost 45 min
Model taken from www.soapsession.com. I've just changed colors. Almost 45min to do it
Created by me. I was simply testing forms and finally I let them.
I found this model on Facebook, for a promotional box about nail art. 1h to do it
Taken from www.pshiiit-boutique.com
Only for amateur !
On Sephora.fr
OPI, also an American brand (from California), it's the n°1 in the world for a reasonable price of 10€. According to me, this brand is disappointing. You need to put many vanish coats to obtain an opaque result & it leaves traces when you want to take it off.
Nail Art Cracker = new trend & fashion. You just need to add a coat after the first for the cracker effect.
I hope you enjoyed this Prezi. Nail art is something hard for amateurs. You need patience, concentration and you'll see by dint of practice you'll prefect you. Don't give up !
OPI Nail Lacquer
OPI Nail Cracker
Thick Liner
Little tips
You can have those brushes on Ebay for a very good price. I bought 15 brushes for only 7€. Don't forget that they're not a very good quality. It's not necessary to start Nail Art with expensive brushes
Fine Liner
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