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How fast does the fastest pitcher in softball pitcher?

No description

maryann carroll

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of How fast does the fastest pitcher in softball pitcher?

How fast does the fastest pitcher in softball pitch?
By:Jackie Janicki

Description of the game.
The crowed roared at another strike by Monica.The speed of that pitch was 77 miles per hour.It was a personal record and the new record for women's fastpitch softball. That new record clearly put Monica in the history books as the fastest USA woman's softball pitcher. The old record was 75 mph.
What I used
The distance and reaction time.
Monica pitches from 43 feet from the plate.
The ball is thrown 77 miles an hour. The batter has to decide whether to swing or not very quickly.That leaves the batter with the same reaction time as a baseball thrown 101 mph.
Monica's pitching record.
She entered the season with a record of 13-1 and a 0.31 ERA in 90 1/3 innings pitched.
The other pitchers averaged 30 innings of play.
Monica has only let in four runs.(All against the Ohio pro team, the Akron Racers.)
No one has been within a run, except Cat Osterman, one of the handful that has discusses with Monica Abbott about the best of all time.
Monica told Ralf, her coach, during recruiting that she wanted to make a difference.
Another coach, Hochevar, said she throws like she throws fuzz. Also her fastball looks as if she throws 198 mph. She's the real deal.
Her team says they have more than Monica, but not having her we would probably just be a good team and not among the top 15 teams.
How many strike outs does Monica have?
In the regular season, Monica stuck out 149 batters.
In one game she let in 4 runs and struck out 10 players.
What people said.
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