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Grab-N-Go Groceries

No description

phil williams

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Grab-N-Go Groceries

Mission Statement:
1) Place orders on our website
2) Select pickup time
3) Pay for order
4) Once arriving at our store our staff loads groceries
into customer's vehicle

A NEW way of buying groceries 5 minutes or under pick-up The friendly store front No waste of space Building Design Marketing Plan 37% of Consumers Shop at Stores based on cost
34% of Consumers Shop at Stores Based on Convenience
Time spent in the lines ADVERTISING Mediums

-Television Advertising
-Local Newspapers
-Outdoor Bill Boards Nearby Our Facility
-Radio Advertising
-Online Via Local Websites
-Search Engine Marketing
Intellectual Properties Grab ‘n Go allows customers to order online in a quick and easy way
Customers can access our website using computers or cell phones with our easy to use application
Database continuously tracks the products so that nothing sold out
Software keeps a smart log of the pick-up schedules and assigns orders to one of four pick-up locations
We believe this software is the first of its kind and will be filing a patent to protect our intellectual property. We also have the option to license our software to other grocery chains. Income Statement for Grab-N-Go The management of Grab-n-Go Groceries consists of co-owners/founders Nick Sirera, Paul Rinaldi, Kelly Bauer, Dan Guy, and Phil Williams. All owners have real world experience in entrepreneurship from classes at the Pennsylvania State University. Competitive Analysis Quicker
Competitively priced
Customers able to view the best prices and latest deals
in real-time ensuring they get the right product for the
cheapest price
No need to waste money of fancy displays or setup because products will be neatly pictured digitally for the customer to see.
Consolodate space

Problem: People live busy lives and many do not
have time to run errands
Answer: Convenience of Grab-N-Go Groceries
Order groceries at work, at home, or on the go We not only have products that people need, but we offer a service that people will love. Reducing the time it takes to run errands Our Vision: Create a revolutionary grocery shopping experience How it works: The Problem Average time wasted grocery shopping
is about 50 minutes
People need groceries quickly in the city and suburbs Our Solution: An easy to use online ordering system for groceries
and a dedicated store location for customer pick-up
at their convenience Prototype Target Customer:
Males and Females age 25-50
Make more than $45,000
Live in cities and suburbs Strenghths:
-Competitive Pricing Traditional grocery stores serve 1,500- 2,000 customers per day
Average Household Weekly Grocery Expense: $100

Grab-N-Go customers : 300 per day, 7 days a week
Average total order: $70 worth of groceries
First Year Revenue: $7,665,000
Gross Profit: $ 2,555,000 Our Estimates: Food Industry Facts: Software Overview Competitors: Traditional grocery stores (Wegman's, Giant, etc)
Online grocery store delivery
Our focus is convenience for the customer We offer 5 minute pick-up Why are we better?
Sample Advertisements Layout No need for conventional cashiers
Which is easier? Self-Scan or clicking a button
No more shopping lists
Customers no longer need to worry about long check-out lines or running back and forth to
find the items they need

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