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Banquet Service Etiquette

This shows banquet service.

Christy Sharp

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of Banquet Service Etiquette

Proper Table Service
1. Stand at "server attention"
2. Greet guests
3. Pull out chairs (ladies)
4. Place napkins on laps
Preset Items on Tables
Possible items that could be preset on the tables with the place settings are:
Coffee cream and sugar
Salad dressings
Other condiments
Cold Beverages
Salt and Pepper
Service Standards
1. Know the head of the room
2. Determine the 12 o'clock position and the head of the table
3. Serve all ladies at the table and then all gentlemen
4. Beverages and soups to be served clockwise around the table
5. Plates to be served counterclockwise around the table
Course Service
1. Salad - offer and serve dressings
2. Bread service
3. Entree Service
4. Coffee
5. Dessert
6. Coffee
Utensil Methods
Knife in right hand, fork in the left hand.
Place knife on edge of plate facing in then switch fork to right hand to eat.
Knife in right hand, fork in left hand with prongs down.
Resting position is knife over fork.
When finished rest fork, tines up, and knife blade in with handles resting at five o'clock and tips at ten o'clock.
Clearing Service
1. Plates are cleared once everyone at the table is finished with the course.
2. Clear plates from the right with the right.
3. Clear all courses utensils with the course plates.
Banquet Table Setup
Place Settings
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