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Ryan Lee

libfms 515

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Swordfish

By: Ryan Lee
Pd. 9 Looks! They have blue bodies. Their bodies are long and round. Some can weigh up to 1400 lbs. Some swordfish can be up to 15 ft long! It has a very long bill. The bill can even be 1/3 of its body length Diet
Swordfish eat at night.
Its diet consists of blue fish, mackerel, herring, and sometimes squid or octopus.
They use their bill to slice prey not spear it.
They are usually predator rather than prey. Their meat can be made into steaks.
Since they were being cooked they became endangered.
Chefs around the world stopped cooking swordfish. Swordfish like to live in warm bodied waters.
They live in depths from 650ft-1970ft.
The water they live in is usually about 41-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Fun Facts!
The females are usually larger than the males.
The largest swordfish ever caught weighed 1182lbs in 1953 in Chile.
Not a schooling fish meaning they travel alone.
Sometimes called the broad bill.
Startled by small boats but not large ships.
They lose all teeth by adulthood.
Swordfish will eat their young if hungry.
Females lay thousands of eggs but few survive. Predators
They are very popular game fish.
Some predators are: Sperm whales, Orcas, and large sharks. The End! Bibliography
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