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Uncoiling the Mystery of COIL

No description

Kelly Keck

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Uncoiling the Mystery of COIL

Uncoiling the Mystery of COIL
Workshop Objectives:

Introduces the COIL Center
Reviews the COIL program's goals
Details the COIL professional development programs
Illustrates the COIL course development process
Uncoiling the Mysteries of COIL
focused on Emerging field of Globally Networked Learning (GNL)
a teaching and learning methodology which provides innovative cost-effective internationalization strategies
a program that fosters faculty and student interaction with peers abroad through co-taught multicultural online and blended learning environments emphasizing experiential student collaboration.
The COIL Center is:
To encourage and support the development and implementation of collaborative online international courses as a format for experiential cross-cultural learning at SUNY, across the U.S. and around the world.
COIL Program Mission
COIL Professional Development Process
Phase 1: Partnership Development
Work with the COIL Center on identifying a partner.
Phase 3: Course Implementation
Pilot your course; analyze the impact of this course on your teaching and your students.
Phase 2: Academy for COIL Development
Develop your pilot course with your partner and support of the COIL Center.
About COIL Video
COIL Professional Development Programs
COIL Course Orientation
- Identifying and developing effective partnerships within institutional teams (faculty and staff) and between international teams.

Academy for COIL Course Development
- Supports partnered teachers through the process of designing a new COIL course/module.
Wrap-up and Q&A
Group Work
Choose a course you would like to adapt into a COIL course and complete the following:

Propose an interdisciplinary variant and reflect on how this choice would create different opportunities for student engagement; and

Propose a possible geographic location for a partner class and suggest how this choice could influence the outcomes of the COIL course.
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