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Greek Mythology

No description

alyah bridges

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

God of the Gods
Symbols are the Thunderbolt, Eagle & Oak tree
The Great Olympians
Share my interest in Greek Mythology with you
Explain the mythology as best I can in ways that correlate to the modern world today
NOT trying to convince you to change your beliefs and start praising greek deities
Before the Olympians...
Cronus & Rhea
Greek Mythology
Queen of the Gods
Symbols are the Peacock, cows & the wedding ring
God of the Sea, natural disasters and horses
Symbols are the Trident & horse
The Great Olympians (continued..)
God of the Underworld & of the dead
Symbol is the pomegranate
Goddess of the hearth, fire & home
Symbol is the fireplace
The Great Olympians (continued...)
Goddess of Wisdom, architecture & war
Symbols are the owl & olive tree
God of the sun, medicine, poetry & prophecy
Symbols are the moon, & bow and arrow
The Great Olympians (Continued)
Goddess of the moon & of the hunt
Symbols are the moon and the deer
God of thieves & commerce
Symbol is the Caduceus
The Great Olympians (continued...)
God of the forge
Symbol is the hammer
The Great Olympians (Continued...)
God of war
Symbol is the wild boar
Goddess of love, desire & beauty
Symbol is the dove
Myths in modern world today
As seen on TV....
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