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Advantage & disadvantages of learning English

No description

h d

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Advantage & disadvantages of learning English

Prepositions are so... tough :x
Polish find this part of
engl grammar completely inexplicable and weird.
Advantages & disadvantages
of learning English in our eyes...

Many English words have more than one meaning. If you only know one meaning, it's easy to get confused!
GET * TAKE * SET * GO * PLAY * CUT * MAN * HAVE * LOVE etc. ...
Difficulties connected
with passing our exams
"Be patient, cossack, and you'll be a chieftain."
or "Patience conquers destiny.". Yeah...
Reading brings some problems too :/
(a branch of linguistics concerned with the systematic organization of sounds in lg) may
be also problematic in learning Engl. For example: PYRE /paIr/ - WHY /waI/
a BIG discovery -
I hate american accent!
English grammar rules
Simple? Not for everyone :/
Sometimes grammar rules are
utterlly difficult and
incomprehensible like
a CALQUE -> loan translation
(is a word or phrase borrowed
from another language by literal)
An example:
Polish "drapacz chmur"
isn't 'cloud-scraper' (X)
but= 'Scyscraper' (Ok!)
Tom Odell "Another love"
"Hey Brother"
Learning a foreign lg = a laborious process
Day after day it should be easier!
No, 'cause U
haven't finished Ur homework
yet! Let's go
Right... He's
got the power.
I love my
fascinating life
full of fun &
so interesting
Let's have
some fun, please!
Just look at this
magnificent white
snow, come on!
Time is
running out...
Wo! I feel good
I knew that I wouldn't
if I feel good
I knew that I wouldn't if
So good, so good,
I got you!
Learning through
(focusing on lyrics) can be very helpful. Also watching Engl movies without translation but with Engl subtitles is a good idea to enhance ur vocab etc.
U2 "Ordinary love"
30sc to MARS "City of Angels"
Ability to speak in a second lg is profitable and valuable all over the world. Fluent communication in a foreign tongue creates a huge chance for better work and bigger satisfaction from traveling.
The biggest profits of learning English
Thanks to knowing English, we are capable of avoiding many problems connected with accommodation or simply communication with native speakers in a foreign country. Speaking skills may be very useful during traveling but it also improves your chances in finding a desirable job or making new international friends.
Thank U 4
Ur attention!
Charlie is such a
man, he’s always looking after his bro." = kind and friendly.
This tea is too
for me to drink! How much sugar is in it?" = a taste similar to sugar.
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