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Copy of Randy Steven Kraft

No description

cody snow

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Randy Steven Kraft

Mental Disorder
Randy Kraft was never diagnosed with any medical or mental disorders. To this day kraft denies that he killed anyone and will not release any information or his thoughts on why he did what he did.
In 1981, Kraft was convicted of 16 counts of murder, 1 count of sodomy, and 1 count of emasculation. In 2000, he was officially put on death row and is currently awaiting his death sentence today.
As a child, Kraft was raised in a strict society where being gay was heavily frowned upon, with him not being able to express himself this may have led to his desires and killing later on. Also while in college he heavily experimented with drugs and was drinking A lot. Then when in the Air Force he was discharged for being gay and that could have led to his rage.

Standard: SSPVB3 Identify abnormal behavior and treatment

Randy Steven Kraft
The Crimes
He committed rape, torture, mutilation, and murder of at least 16 young men. Its said he killed up to 60 men during the span of 1972- 1983. He would lure in the victims with the promise of drugs or alcohol and once inside his car he would drug them. Once he was done with his victims he would kill them by strangulation and then dump their bodies along the freeway.
Randy Steven Kraft was born on March 19, 1945.
He grew up in southern California and was the youngest child of 4.
Kraft was the only boy of the four children as well.
While in high school, Kraft had girlfriends off and on but many of his teachers and friends suspected he was gay.
While growing up, his family said randy seemed distant from everyone and wasnt emotional or expressive.
He was known as the “free way killer” and the “scored card killer"

In court, it wad decided Randy Kraft knew what he was doing as he was killing his victims, and could control himself. This is also why he wasnt diagnosed with any metal disorders because Kraft could control himself and his desires but acted out on them anyhow. Why did he do it is the biggest question, and from what I found, kraft never released any information on why he did what he did.
Most of Kraft's victims were people from the Air Force, and all of his victims ages ranged from 14- 30 with the majority of his victims being around the early 20's.
Weird/ interesting Facts
Kraft kept a journal or scorecard as the police called it, they had notes and information on all his killing. however it was written in some kind of code and the police couldnt decipher some of them. While in College, Randy Kraft also ran a pollitical campaign for Robert Kennedy. While in the Airforce, Kraft had high security access do to high military test scores.



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