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Emerging Technologies in the Healthcare Industry

A presentation by Dylan, Wally and Juno

Wally Malaeb

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Emerging Technologies in the Healthcare Industry

A Presentation by Dylan, Wally and Juno Today's Healthcare Industry Mobile Applications Whats on the Outlook for the immediate future in Healthcare? IT and Healthcare Improving and
Maintaining Patients'
Good Health Patient-Doctor
Communication Healthcare Uptake Of technology Overview Emerging Technologies Mobile Apps Biomedical Engineering Social networking Organisational Focus Cancer Research UK Impact Advantages Challenges Emerging Technologies in the Healthcare industry Impact and Future Prospects Social networking Mobile Apps Biomedical Engineering Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Alternative Medicines Healthcare Services Main Challenges Efficiency Scope Success Competitiveness Sharing
Critical Data
about Patients Why? Averting Errors
Treatments Aid in the Clinical Care Find
Physicians View
Claims View Formulary Care Coordination
& Wellness Patient Convenience Expert opinion Dr Samar Malaeb
University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering Social Networking Enhance
Relations Utilisation Increasing
Medications Patient
Provision and
Tutelage Associations
Patient Care
Clusters Boost
Reliability Expert opinion Rayya the Vet
Social media
Animal welfare and healthcare advocate 3D Printed Skull Bio-Engineered Bronchus lab cloned kidney Bio-Constructed Limbs Scientifically Fabricated Skin Genomics Proteomics 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Specifically Fabricated Developing Medications Bio-active Components Cancer Research UK Organisational Advantages SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Mobile Applications Biomedical Engineering Social Networking Conclusion religious perception lack of talent Lack of finance Security Expertise Strategic alignment Marketing Dependance on Third Party Cheap Partnership with UKCMRI New Market More Funding Global Reach Mass of Followers More Volunteer Work Revenue Generation Early intervention Increase in funding Return on investment Competitive Advantage Customer Convenience Supplier - Customer Demand Investment in technology Media Influence Crowdsourcing E-commerce Cancer Research UK's sole aim is defeating cancer and improving the lives of cancer patients.

Involved in a host of world-class research to increase cancer awareness and discover how to prevent, diagnose and cure different kinds of cancer. Streamlining Operations Cost effectiveness & Productivity Would you like to Volunteer? Mobile apps and healthcare are a marriage made in heaven Traditional healthcare is in great need of such emerging biomedical techniques as materials engineering, bioinformatics and 3-D modelling. Social networks add substantial value for in the healthcare industry particularly in providing customer convenience and maintaining competitive advantage.
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