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Jenna Ling's Taks Practice

No description

Coppell East

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Jenna Ling's Taks Practice

TAKS pRACTICE QUSTION #7 EXAMINE THE DRAWING THAT SHOWS THE CHANGES TO AN ECOSYSTEM DUE TO ECOLOGICAL SUCCESSION OVER A 150-YEAR PERIOD. Based on this drawing, which statement best describes the role of ecological succession in this system? A. Shorter plants like grasses and shrubs grow around the edge of a forest, while taller plants like trees grow inside the forest. B. Conifers such as pine trees grow next to deciduous trees such as maples in a forest. C. Tall trees, which require a long time to reach maturity, colonize an area first, with rapid-growing plnats like grasses filling in later. D. Rapid-growing plants like grasses colonize an area first before the area is taken over by slower-growing plants like trees WHY IS (D) THE CORRECT ANSWER? (D) Is the correct answer because when you look at the picture it shows you that in year 1 and 2 little plants start to grow in the area before the trees start to grow. WHY ARE THE OTHER ANSWER CHOICES WRONG??? For answer choice (a) you can already tell that it is wrong because normally grass doesn't grow around the edge of a forest with trees growing inside the forest, and looking at the picture it tells you nothing about grass growing on the edge of the forest. You can eliminate answer choice (b) because when trees grow in a forest it doesn't necessarily have to be pine trees growing next to maple trees. Answer Choice (c) is wrong because looking at the graph you can already tell that trees don't grow in the early stages of ecological succession. They start growing around around year 20 while grasses and small plants grow first. THANK YOU!!!! :)
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