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Ho Chi Minh Genocide

No description

Lauren Do

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Ho Chi Minh Genocide

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Dictator Ho Chi Minh
Vietnam Today
Weeding Out the Competition
Many were forced into refugee camps and overcrowded cities.
Many were also forced into "re-education camps.
Many towns were pillaged and many families were slaughtered.
Many were victims of Political violence
No gender or age were discriminated
Ho Chi Minh was very anti-change and anti-France.
And since Christianity came from France, he wanted it abolished.
He forced the French out of Vietnam by 1954.
This is when he took over Vietnam as a Communist Dictator.
26595.74 VND
September 1st, 1858-1954
Lauren Do & Brandon Ta
When the French took over Vietnam, they had influenced some Viets with their culture & religion
Dictator Ho Chi Minh was against anything French
His goal was to rule a land free of French influence
Over 100 Years of Suffering
Catholic& Christian Viets
French Influence
In 1858, the French targeted Vietnam.
Two years later, they succeeded in taking over.
While the French were in Vietnam, they influenced the Vietnamese with their Western customs
Such as Education, Ideals, language roots and Religion
Ho Chi Minh Democide

Vietnam is currently united under a communist government after the war
The capital now is Ho Chi Minh City instead of Saigon
Most of South Vietnam's culture now is based off of French Influence
North and South Vietnam are like two different countries
One for Communist and the other Against
Nearly 40,000 Vietnamese were killed by leftover explosives
This disputed Genocide, resulted in the Vietnam war
Over 13% of Vietnam's population were still suffering from war related injuries a decade after the war
Destruction to the environment led to starvation and malnutrition
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