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Special Effects Presentation

our Special Effects Presentation.

jake skubish

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Special Effects Presentation

Special Effects How Do Special Effects Work? 2001: A space odyssey was one film
that used many new techniques. Zero-
gravity scenes used hidden wires, mirror shots,
and large scale rotating sets. Scenes with spaceships
used hand drawn rotoscopes and motion-control work. CGI (computer generated imagery)
is a revoultionary technique in modern films.
It is used to create complex visuals (by equations in a computer) that can't be filmed. It is also used to mash animated figures and
real live action in the same scene. It has also reduced the need for expensive sets or props. Animators at Disney use
a mult-plane camera to
create a parallex effect for
background depth. In Star Wars a camera controlled by
computers was used to simplify travelling-
matte compositing. A process called tweening
is used to fill in inbetween
frames by using math-
matical algorithims. To create "movement," images
are displayed on computer screens
and are continually replaced by a
different image. The earliest examples of special effects in film
appeared in the 1920's and 30's. During this era,
simple techniques such as rear projection and
stop tricks were refined. The use of 3-d models in the 1933 film King Kong also represented an advancement in film special effects. More widespread use of animation and other effects caused in-house special effects departments to be created. Another advancement in special effects came during the 1960's science fiction boom. Methods such as rotoscoping and front projection were also created. Due to the increasing dependance on effects, the first specialized effects companies were founded in the 70's. Depicting the use of a matte shot An example of the brilliant visuals of CGI The creation of a CGI scene using
actual actors wearing a specially made suit
that records their movements and facial features and then transfers these actions to their CGI character Film Vocab Composite- To combine images that have been shot separately into one shot, either digitally or with a camera, using travelling mattes or by some other means. The resulting image becomes the composite or composite shot. Creature Effects- Creature effects are the creation of a character’s appearance through the use of prosthetics and makeup Digital Effects- Digital effects are the changing or manipulation of shots taken from a live camera. Mechanical Effects- Is the use of mechanized props, scenery, pyrotechnics and scale-models to create a shot on a live action camera. In-Camera Effect- A visual effect that is achieved within the camera prior to developing the film. It usually relies on blocking part of the lens with matte, filming a shot, and then rewinding the film, blocking the previously unblocked part and filming a different element. When developed the two elements will be combined into one shot of the film. Matte Shot- Is a shot that covers part of the lens while having the rest of the shot visible, then going back and covering the previously uncovered area while filming the previously covered area. The two shots are then combined into a third shot to depict them both. Slow Motion- Is the filming of a scene at an extremely fast rate and then playing the scene back at regular speed which gives the viewer the impression that time is moving slowly. Fun Facts R2-D2 was played both by a little person actor (Kenny Baker) and a remote control robot The home of Luke Skywalker is filmed in a traditional underground home in Tunisia • The ancient ruins of Tikal in modern Guatemala were used as the scenery at the rebel base • Linguist Paul Frommer created the language for the Avatars using sounds from the Ethiopian language, Amharic and Maori from New Zealand • Set designers met with Jodie S. Holt, a professor of plant physiology at University of California Riverside, to help best depict the idea of plants communicating with other plants on Pandora • Director James Cameron used a special camera to capture the facial movements of the actors so that these movements could be transferred to the animation of the Computer Generated Imagery characters TRIVIA!!! Which Country was the home of Luke Skywalker filmed in? Tunisia How many R2-D2s were there in Episode IV? Two What modern country was the rebel base in Episode IV filmed in? Guatemala MAGIC!! Just Kidding. Just making sure you were paying attention.
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