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Waverly Stories

No description

Waverly Gunter

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Waverly Stories

By: Waverly Gunter
Reviewing true stories that influenced Waverly Gunter's life as storyteller.
Scooby Doo!
Where are you?!
Cartoon Series

I believe in one point of my life, I was Scooby Doo's number one fan. As a child, I use to collect as many Scooby Doo items, books, posters, dolls, and movies as I could. I really liked the friendship relationship between the characters- Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Freddie and Daphine.
In the Event of My Death
by: Carlene Thompson

I was about fourteen years old when I came across this book. This horror book is about a friendship that resulted in murder. This book sets in the future and has the character having to remember a very sad incident that happen 13 years ago. I still read this book.

TikTok by Keisha
This song was my cheerleading audition song back in high school. I had to listen to this song over and over again to get the correct dance moves. Now years later, when I hear this song and listen to the words I realized it was quite inappropriate to listen to in the first place at the age. My poor parents never understood either way. Now I can listen to this school and still feel the scariness of that audition many years ago.

Waverlys Stories
The Flintstones
Cartoon Series

I watch the Flintstones every night when I have to sleep alone. Even with my daughter this cartoon series is my go to cartoon for her simply because it is very appropriate across the board. This cartoon series is dated in the cave man days, focusing on one family and their relations with one another and their neighbors.

This action pack series definitely have a several seasons to follow. This series follows the main character Jack B. as he follows and saves the world all in 24 hours. I use to watch this back in high school and college and it was what gave me the strength of keeping the time and timing myself.
I did not start watching Lost until it was basically done airing. Once I watched the first episode, I was hook until the end! This series follows a group of people as their plane crashes. This series had a lot of different perspectives towards the end (they died in the beginning and it was all a dream,, they time traveled, etc.). I always like how they gave their viewers the options of having their own ending

Right before I got hooked watching this show, I would have thought I liked to watch either horror or actions shows. This settled comedy follows a now single mom who has to do illedgal things to support her family. I appreciate this show series simply because it gives the Average American a fighting chance to go out and get what they want.

I was in college, my freshman year when the Ravens won the Superbowl in 2012. I can definitely remember the change in Baltimore City right after the Superbowl. The city definitely created change within its community and the surrounding communities. I never cared for football but after that I started working for the Ravens Team!

Ravens Winning the Superbowl

Orphan Black
I definitely fell in love with this show for so many different reasons. The main reason simply because the main actress Tatiana Maslany has the same birthday as me (well just one day apart). I really appreciate how the main actress played various roles throughout the seasons. Maslany really inspires me to try and go out the box with creativity and give myself a challenge.

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